Misty Marie you mean nothing to me
But it turns out you're my whole world
I would never do anything for you
But I am on a killing spree in your name

You'll find all the million ways to hurt me
In a record time of one sentence
She said, my heart racing
"You're fake, I don't love you anymore"
Just then, my heart and her head, hit the floor

Wrapped in plastic, dipped in cement
Waving at the city as it passes overhead
Misty Marie, god, she was smiling at me
As I took the knife out of her throat
I'm six hundred feet tall when I stand
I see everything, I own all this land

Misty Marie, you mean nothing to me
But it turns out you're my whole world
I killed you girl, dear Misty Marie
I got the taste, only more blood will set me free

I leave a note at the table of a diner
"Dear Girl, Misty Marie says you've got blood for me
Don't try to run, don't try to fight
The cops will find your body before daylight"
I find her, tear-soaked in an alley-way
I put my hand on her shoulder and tell her
"It'll all be over in a moment"
She cries, oh lord, she cries to me
She tells me of her sick brother
Of her aging father bed-ridden
Of her mother going insane
I tell her quite simply, and sweetly
"That's nice"

Misty Marie, you don't mean shit to me
But it turns out you're in my head
I killed you Misty Marie
Why can't you leave me?

I leave my crimes marked with an M&M
My murderous rampage isn't without its irony
But don't get too dismayed dear readers
Some day you fill find out I have died
But not before Misty Marie tells me its my time