Spliced Reflection

One fine day

A boy

Humble and modest, yet cocky and overwhelming

He built a wall

Invisible to the inexperienced eye

Yet no one dared venture towards it

The aura it gave off was one, not of warning

But of boredom

A force field of indifference clouded this wall

Anyone venturing towards it would instantly turn away

Because they knew

Or thought they did anyway

That there was nothing there to discover

No new land to claim

No artifacts to dig up

Just uninteresting blankness

But for me, this wall wasn't so undetectable

I saw it from a million miles away

It was almost popping out explicitly for me

It shone with the brilliance of a trillion stars

The gleaming splendor of a billion moons

The consistency of a million planets

A dazzling sight to behold

And as I approached said wall

With the utmost of caution, of course

I sighted a window

What it led to was surely no surprise

It was she, the girl of his dreams

But she may not have been alone from what I could tell

For there seemed to be a spliced reflection present as well. . .