I wish we could still be friends

I really do

But it's up to you now

I did nothing wrong

The only thing I regret was that you got so hurt

When all I did was speak the truth

I do miss you

And I probably always will

But I can't just sit back and let you do all this

Let you shoot me down

Crush my happiness

Until it's merely a worthless pile of ashes

Rotting on the dusty dirt

Make such contradictory statements

In the real world

You do that

And you'll not get very far

Everybody has faults

I know this

I have many

However, there's a difference between having them

Working to tame them

And letting them run you

Operate you

Control your every action

Letting them define who you are

Just relax, goddammit

Calm it down for once

Get off your high horse

Join the rest of us "pathetic creatures" down here

Come "dwell" with us for once

I want it to work out

But I just don't know if you'd be willing to gain control

Of your rampant flaws

You've empowered them so

And now you must suffer

I am truly sorry you must go through all this

I know you have stress

I know you're tired

But this train keeps rolling

No matter how much you beg and plea for it to stop

Beseeching the conductor will only make him charge ahead

Full speed

Are you ready for reality's harsh impact?

Or will you jump off the tracks

And let life pass you by?