I didn't mean to write it
I was just letting out steam
Come on, everyone does it.
Why just punish me?
Everyone gets thoughts about killing.
Haven't you?
No. Don't. Don't kick me out!
I didn't mean to write it.
Just give me a second chance.
Check my records... all clean.
It's not like you were perfect as a kid.
I always do my best.
Can't you give me another chance?
I'll work harder!
Please don't punish me.
It's just anger, you've done things probably.
Anger brings out the worst in people.
Can you please shred it...?
Forget about this whole fuckin past!
Burn the paper.
I can't take the look in your eyes.
Rage... I know how you feel
Why am I the only one being punished?
I'm sure you were in the same position as me.
Please... Just don't... My mom will kill me!
A second chance... I beg of you!
Burn the damn paper. Destory it!
Throw away the ruins
Just give me a second chance.
You might as well burn my soul
My life is ruined... just burn it.
Burn my soul... I've lost all that I wanted.
Just a second chance.
I didn't mean to write it.