True Best Friends

I love you guys

You're the best friends a girl could ever wish for

I don't even think I could think you up in my mind

You're just too good to believe

So incredibly hilarious

So immensely goofy

So loyal

Yet, you knock me off of my high horse

Whenever I get way too cocky

You let me be sad

And still try to cheer me up

Relentless in your efforts to make me happy

And I do the same for you

I always try at least
Sure, sometimes you and I don't get along too well

But that's common with everyone

I know it is

For you see it every single day

Friends fighting

Leaving each other over huge obstacles

You guys though

We always seem to resolve it all

Your timing is impeccable

Just when I was beginning to feel as if I were all alone

There rang the doorbell

All four of you were there

Cake in hand

Ready to cheer me up

And you didn't even know it

That's the strange thing

You never mean to

And when you do, it's so sweet I laugh even if I don't think I can

Because you deserve a reward for all that trouble

But today, that was no lie

That was no falsity

That was sheer joy

Complete happiness to have you all there

I was ecstatic to know that I do have such amazing friends

And the thing that really makes me insanely happy

Is that I know that we'll remember each other forever

No matter what fate does to us

When we're seventy-two

We'll meet again


And still remember every inside joke

So here's to the good times, the swell times, and the memories they behold

Raise your goblet of thankfulness

Cheers, to the Fellowship of the Cake Cutters!

And now, let's hope we don't accidentally break these glasses!