Inferior to Fear

I don't know why

But I'm waiting here by the phone

Checking my email constantly

Watching my sources of communication like a hawk

Ready to listen to its predator

Work things out

Yet, I know

Things won't change

You won't call or email

Unless it's to tell me to fuck off or something like that



For I'm not even bothering you

I catch all those glares you throw my way

Oh, believe me, I do

I don't let them ruin my day

However much they may hurt

I go on

Because I have a feeling that's how it's going to be

For a very long while

Seeing as we both vehemently disagree

I don't see a resolution in sight

Unless I'm blinded by pride

As you most definitely are

I don't see how you believe I'm the criminal here

I honestly don't

Oh no

So your feelings were hurt

Do you know how many stabs you've taken at me?

And what do I do?

I realize that they're the truth

And I work with it

Because I know that's what I need to do

I don't shove it away to the recycling bin to immediately be deleted

For I know that it's the TRUTH

Something you obviously fear

It's the one thing that can make you inferior

Without any consent from you

I wish you'd call

I wish you'd email

But part of me doesn't know how I would react to such conversation