Our Sin

Warning: Twin Incest, homosexuality, and some violence. Do not proceed any further if any of these offends you

Author's note: This used to be called 'Twincest' on another website which was recently closed down… so now, this is the new and improved version with much editing involved… LAST WARNING, GO BACK IF YOU CAN'T STOMACH IT!

Sorry everyone for taking this down for a few days, I accidentally deleted the story and didn't realize until someone emailed me.

Chapter one

Another day passed in monotony, with nothing better to do than the usual. Mark Spencer looked out the window into a fairly warm March day with a bored sigh, hands upon his folded hands. He was bored, beyond bored, he was absolutely overridden with nothing to do.

The door to the room opened with a small creak, and his twin-Alex-walked in with a Popsicle in his mouth and another in his hands. The two were identical looking, even though they were born fraternal. They look so much alike on first glance that many people can't tell the difference between the two unless they hang around them for a while. After a while, people would begin to notice the difference.

Mark looks slightly more English from their dad's side, and Alex looks more Japanese from their mom's side. Their older sister was actually a perfect balance, one of those who on first glance gave you the impression of both and none at the same time. Both of them have dark brown hair and light streaks of blond, a fair complexion even though they often do sports, and the distinctive feel of Mix nationality.

Sally, their Golden Retriever, bundled in after Alex and tackled Mark. She jumped on top of him, pushing him onto his back against the floor, and assaulted him with her wet tongue. He laughed, and scratched her behind the ear. "Ok ok, girl. You've had your fun." Alex grinned, pulling the large dog off of his little brother and then handed Mark the Popsicle in his hand.

Mark took it with a grateful expression, happy for the moment that his boredom was taken away. "You're done your homework?" He asked Alex, Popsicle stuck halfway in his mouth, so it came out more like: 'U'ah Dan Yor Homer?'

Alex snickered, "No. I guess I'm taking a break. Sally here decided to drag me in after getting a treat from the kitchen." He sent a mock glare towards their dog, she whined in protest, and he petted her with affection.

"Mm. I'm bored, Alex. It's our birthday too! Mom and Dad aren't home yet and sis's with her friends or something." Mark complained, flopping over onto his stomach with his legs in the air.

Alex sat down beside Mark, arms hugging his legs and chin on his knees. He didn't say anything for a moment, occasionally looking around and then go back to his original position.

Suddenly, thunder roared and startled the two into jumping. Alex looked out the window just in time to see a break in the sky, a light blue jagged line cutting the sky in two. What Mark saw was entirely different.

At that moment, he saw the beautiful image of his twin framed by an ethereal light. A pair of sparkling eyes that reflected the lightning, paler skin then normal, soft wisps of golden brown hair and a pair of luscious lips. It was all so enticing, so encapsulating that he couldn't look away. His heart skipped a beat when Alex turned around to look at him, and he quickly looked away in embarrassment.

This is the beginning of Our Sin…