Our Sin

Warning: Twin Incest, homosexuality, and some violence. Do not proceed any further if any of these offends you

Author's note: This used to be called 'Twincest' on another website which was recently closed down… so now, this is the new and improved version with much editing involved… LAST WARNING, GO BACK IF YOU CAN'T STOMACH IT!

Chapter Two

After that day, Mark kept his distance. He had to sort through his feelings of shame, affection, horror, and all the others that came along with his revelation. He could see that Alex was becoming depressed at the constant brush-offs, and his other attempts of avoidance, but he couldn't do anything about it.

Many times, he had to force himself to look away when Alex sent pleading glances of reconciliation towards him. He couldn't yet confront this, not yet. He kept telling himself. Just a few more days, just a few more days.

But as the time passed, he still could not gather the courage to even look his twin in the eye. His sister had begun to notice the rift, and slowly, his parents too became aware. At school, he hung out with his friends, and many of the girls to appease his need for normalcy. It was also intended to build a barrier between the two of them until he could handle this.

Finally, one day, Alex had had enough, and confronted his younger brother. "Matk, we got to talk." He said with narrowed eyes. He was fed up with all this shit his brother has been doing, and he was going to drag him back to his old self, kicking and screaming if necessary.

Mark looked reluctant, but couldn't give a good reason not to. He heaved a sigh resignedly, and stood wearily up and followed after his silently fuming brother. When they were alone at a suitable distance from everyone else, Alex stopped and turned around with a glare on his face.

"Fess up. What's wrong with you? You've been avoiding me for the last two month." Alex said irritated, a deep sense of anger about to explode in his chest.

Mark looked away, he couldn't help himself. He fidgeted silently, giving no answer. That was until he felt a hand on his chin lifting his head roughly up to meet his twin's gaze. In those two eyes so similar to his own, he could see the longing for the past. His heart clenched painfully, and tears spring into his eyes.

Alex was startled, and patted him awkwardly in comfort. Mark cared no more, he grabbed his brother in a fierce hug, and cried into his shoulder. In that moment, all between them were forgotten and forgiven.

This concludes Mark's first step towards the unredeemable.

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