Forevermore I pray alone
Don't lend me your hand
My bones will break and blood will spill
But somehow I will stand

Your pity doesn't tempt me
As my hopes just pass me by
Your help is tainted, guilty and untrue
Let go and allow me to die

No one's willing to sacrifice
Keep promises unbroken for me
My life's not worth enough to you
Unwilling to set me free
The tears and blood rush down from me
As the light slowly fades away
Pity won't come for this pitiful one
Never again will I see, the light, OF DAY

I thought you truly cared
But my pain just brought you guilt
So you picked me up and tore me to shreds
Aspirations dry and wilt

Your touch provokes my anger
Your kiss just causes pain
I'll never know what true love is
I'll never be the same

Tell me why you've left me
Shivering in the cold
I shouldn't have believed the kiss we shared
And the fables that you told

Your calmness mocks my feelings
Your smile makes me bleed
Never again can I trust my friends
To give me what I need

You never cared to begin with
Why let the charade go on
Walk away from my broken spirit
The desire for kindness is gone
Destroy what I believed in
There's no reason left to lie
My mind can't be mended and my life has been ended
As I slowly fade hear me say…
... "Goodbye."