Ok, I've seen a bunch of people do these "One-Shot" things, so since I'm in a writers block with my Freedom piece I thought I'd give this a try. It's based upon a character that I've always seen in my mind but her story is a little to complex for me to tell, plus most of the story is related to a novel series by R.A. Salvatore, and I don't want to plagiarize. But on to business here's my One-Shot

The Fallen (to grace?)

The light was fading, my world was being consumed by this darkness, it was creeping up behind me and no matter what I did I couldn't shake it off my trail.

The snow no longer glisten like diamonds, their rainbow reflection was dulled by my own mind. The pain in me had long since been forgotten, and my mind, it was riddled with questions.

I remembered, I remembered that ridge to my right, I sensed that I had been here before, long ago, I'd stood here surrounded by this desolate place, but how could that be, for I also remember the faces, of my mother, father, brothers, sisters, yet long past had we been separated by fate, yet, why are their faces so vivid?

I turned around, my foot prints, I could see them leading toward me but they stopped, half way up the side of the mountain far behind me, where did my tracks go? What could have removed them, there was no wind? More then just unsettled I continued my walk, I could sense a storm coming, it's the storm of winter, it would here within the next few months, hast came to mind, I did not wish to be buried in the pass. Since I'd only known the direction I'd 'been' traveling, I had no idea where in this world I was or for that matter how I was here. But there was no time to contemplate; if I was no where near a town or village then the more I walked possibly the closer I'd be to safety.

I continued my mindless walk for the better part of two days, not stopping, not taking notice of the passing time. I could sense something near, but it was faint and in the first time of life I knew not if I could trust my senses, for the first time I doubted my self as a being.

I continued to walk when in fact I'd already fallen into the untouched powder-like snow. Unaware of the shift between reality and dream and still unaware of that time I'd missed in the snowy pass.

I walked on, my mind kept saying that it was just a bit farther, one more pass and I'll be free from my frozen fate. I found my direction, my determination and travel up and over the hills and with one last mountain standing, blocking a smooth passage through, I climbed, I climbed, I could see my path leading to an end, where it could just possibly touch the sky and heavens, with one last effort I trudged the final feet and looked out upon my salvation, in which I tumbled, I fell to my knees and wept away my soul, for the sight in front of me turned into my heart and ripped it out, it was endless, this expanse, endless in my mind with nothing to sight and as my tears tore into me as I lost hope, I felt it, I felt warmth, I'm dead, I am lost, I am last, but the feel of warmth and fur was so real, so heavenly that with a sigh I accepted ,I accepted my fate.

I opened my eyes, puzzled as to when I had shut them, I could see nothing but darkness, a grey darkness, I moved my head, I turned it, upon doing so that grey world turned into a movable mass and a dark green replaced its mono tone. Next my world turned purple, my ears began to burn and when a soft voice came to me my eyes realized its own, those purple orbs belonged to the mass who had now taken form, I awoke to this world in the arms of the one who brought my from failure, to the one I would never forget or forgive.

Well? What do you think? Teehee, I'm so very proud of my self. Oh if people want to know the character is a high magi elf by the name of Ithildin Moonflower, she's really funky, in that she's to become a goddess, teehee she's the goddess of what has yet come to pass, so she can skip though time and reality so she's a goddess but is mortal in this realm, but this is the beginning, when she first learns who she is and to become. I'll do my best to answer any questions I bet people will have some, so if anyone does read this go a head and REVIEW, Please, thanx

(still contemplating if I'll continue this but it's still a One-Shot…for now)