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The Smith Girls

Mischief and Miracles

The girls' orphanage of number 36 Delview Drive held 51 girls of all ages. Some were sent there by their parents and some were dropped off anonymously. But a few others were sent there because no one else in the world could take care of them. That is the case for the Smith girls. Seven year olds Little L' Adele and Whitley Smith were standing in front of the mirrors in the large bathroom when a girl suddenly screamed. L' Adele and Whitley smiled as more girls began to scream. The manager of the orphanage Madame Colette made her way into the bathroom. The girls all crowded around her, all except L' Adele and Whitley.

"What on earth is going on here?" she asked and the girls pointed to the ground. There in the middle of the room was a small white mouse eating what appeared to be a piece of meat. "Girls, return to your rooms at once. I will deal with the mouse." The girls began to leave the bathroom and L' Adele and Whitley proceeded to follow them but they were stopped by Madame Colette. "I don't know how you two managed to get this mouse in here but I know it was you two who put it in here."

"How could we?" said L' Adele with mock innocence.

"Where would find a mouse to begin with?" Whitley asked "And we'd actually have to touch it in order to get it in here wouldn't we?" Madame Colette gave them a questionable look then sighed.

"What am I going to do with you two?" she said as she ushered them out of the bathroom. Madame Colette was used to the girl's pranks. They created mischief all over orphanage and she could not wait to be rid of them. It was on that day did the orphanage have a visitor interested in adopting a little girl. Madame Colette had all of the girls in the front room play so that the woman could get a good look at them. They were all dressed in their best clothing. Some did not have much choice and had to wear clothing that was donated to the orphanage. Madame Colette and her visitor stood atop the stairs watching them. The girls knew that they were being watched so they were fairly well behaved. Except of course for the Smith girls who sat in deep conversation plotting their next prank. The woman was most intrigued by them. They did not as the other girls, look up and try to impress her by singing, or juggling. They acted as though they did not care about being adopted at all.

"Who are those two girls down there talking?" the woman asked pointing to them. Madame Colette looked down at the Smith girls and breathed in deeply. As much as she wanted to be rid of them, she had to tell the woman the truth about them.

"That is L' Adele Smith and Whitley Smith," she said

"Surely they are not related," the woman exclaimed

"No but they might as well be," Madame Colette started "They grew up together. Their parents were best friends and each of them is Godparents to each other daughter. All four of them died in a plane crash one year ago."

"God Lord!" said the woman in surprise "So they have one left in the world?" Madame Colette nodded her head. The woman looked on sadly at the girls who were now holding hands. "Seems a shame to separate them, even if they are not real sisters. They are God sisters."

"I must warn you, they are a mischievous pair," said Madame Colette slowly

"Oh I'm sure I can whip them into shape," the woman said smiling, staring at the girls who laughed loudly as another girl dropped the balls she was juggling on to herself.

"Lady! Lady! Lady I know you're in here," said Ms. Stone peering into the drawing room. She looked under a table then stood up to fix her dress. Ms. Stone was a short middle aged woman with short black. She had small eyes and a kind face. Clearice Stone was a lively sort of woman; warn out only by her adoptive daughters who drove her to brink of insanity. Ms. Stone walked over to the china cabinet and a girl popped out next to it. Ms. Stone clutched her heart in surprise. "Lady you nearly caused me a heart attack."

"Sorry mum," said Lady looking down. L' Adele or Lady as she was often called was tall, slim with long black hair that reached her bottom. She had big dark brown eyes and a very pretty face. She wore a plain navy blue uniform and black boots.

"Come out Witty, she's found us," Lady called

"She's found you, you mean," said a voice from the other side of the room.

"Witty come out, you have to go to school," said Ms. Stone desperately and a girl emerged from behind chair. Whitley or Witty as she was called was the same height as Lady but that is where their similarities stopped. Witty was a caramel skinned girl with long shoulder length golden brown hair and hazel brown eyes. She wore the same uniform as Lady.

"You two are too old for this kind of behaviour," said Ms. Stone

"We're only 16 mum," said Witty as she made her way over to Lady.

"Only 16? You two," said Ms. Stone staring down at the two of them as they smiled up at her. She hugged them both and they gasped in surprise.

"Mum what's gotten into you?" Lady asked

"Yeah why are you hugging us out of the blue? Is something wrong?" said Witty

"Oh nothing is wrong girls," said Ms. Stone as she let go of them. "I'm just happy to have the two of you."

"Even though we cause you trouble?" Lady asked

"I can live without the trouble but I can't imagine life without the two of you," said Ms. Stone. Lady and Witty looked at each other and then back to Ms. Stone

"Okay you are freaking us out mum," said Witty "Maybe you better stay home from work today." Ms. Stone chuckled

"Oh no, this is a very special week. No I have far too much work to do. You girls better get on to school and don't cause too much trouble this week. I'd hate to be called up," said Ms. Stone

"We'll keep the troublemaking to a minimum, just for you okay?" said Lady and Ms. Stone nodded. She bent down and kissed both girls on the cheek.

"Goodbye and have fun, just not too much fun," said Ms. Stone

"Okay," the girls replied in unison. "Bye mum." Lady and Witty picked up their bags then headed out the door. A car was waiting for them in front of the house. Lady stopped in front of it staring forward.

"What's wrong?" Witty asked "Waiting for Ralph to open the door? You know mum made him stop doing that ages ago?"

"I know, I'm just thinking about mum," said Lady "I think I know why she was acting so weird." Witty raised eyebrows at her waiting for a reply. "Today is 10 September." Witty eyes widened and then she nodded.

"Of course, how could we forget? Today is the anniversary of the day she adopted us," said Witty and the two girls turned around and sped back into the house and into the kitchen were Ms. Stone was drinking coffee. They rushed forward and hugged her tightly.

"What on earth," she exclaimed

"We're happy to have you too mum," said Lady

"And we couldn't imagine life without you either," said Witty. A tear slipped down Ms. Stone's face as she set her cup down to embrace the girls. Seven years had passed since Ms. Stone adopted the girls and not a day went by did she regret taking them in. Though she was advised to change their last names, She opted not too, just in case relative were to come looking for them. She of course dreaded the day when someone would appear but she cherished every day she had with them. The mischievous pair had not changed since the day she adopted them. Many people wondered why she adopted both of them. They only caused trouble when they were together. But the thought of separating the Smith girls was horrible. They belonged together she thought and she would never let anyone separate them.

Lady and Witty arrived at Hillcrest Secondary school 10 minutes and they were stopped by the Headmistress Thatcher. She stood glaring at them a vein on her forehead throbbed. "You're late," she bellowed Lady smiled then handed her a note. Mrs. Thatcher took the note then read it. She sneered at the girls before thrusting it back into Lady's hand. "You may go."

"Thank God mum started putting her personal seal on our notes or she wouldn't have believed that it came from her," said Witty

"Yeah. But did you see the look on her face?"

"She was livid."

"La vie est bon non?"

"Oui mon petit ami.."

Lady and Witty held hands as they skipped to French class. Their friends waved to them when they entered. Lady and Witty bowed and their classmates laughed. Their teacher found it less amusing. "Mme. L 'Adele, Mme. Whitley, prennent si vous plais vos sièges."

"Oui Mme. Delecour." They said in unison.

When the girls arrived home after school, they found Ms. Stone sitting her office staring down at a piece of paper on her desk. When she noticed the girls, she looked up. Her eyes were full of tears. The girls looked to each other than ran to her side.

"Mum what's going on?" they asked

"I knew this day would come," she said sobbing "I hoped and prayed for years and on this day it happens."

She handed Lady the piece of paper and Lady read it aloud.

Dear: Ms. Clearice Stone

I am regretful to inform you that the Grandmother of L' Adele Smith has recently filed for custody of her. Mrs. François had been in a coma for a very long time. Once she recovered however, she had lost her memory. She has recently regained her memory months ago and has returned to the United Kingdom to claim custody of L' Adele Smith.

Lady stopped. She could read no more. Witty stared at her aghast. She took the letter from her and scanned it. Witty's eyes began to feel with tears. She looked to Lady who was also crying. "No, this can't be true. She can't take you from me." Witty grabbed Lady's hand and squeezed it tightly. "This can't be true? She can't have her mum. Tell me it's not ture."

"I'm sorry girls," said Ms. Stone not daring to meet her eyes. "Mrs. François is on her way right now."

"No!" said the girls.

"I'm not going with her," said Lady and she wrapped her arms around Ms. Stone. The three of them cried for some time before the doorbell rang. Lady an Witty stood up strait. They heard voices then a maid came into Ms. Stone's office.

"There is a Mrs. Clemence François here to see you."

"Show her in."

Mrs François entered the room shortly. She was a short elderly woman with greying black hair.

"Good Afternoon Ms. Stone. L' Adele I have missed you." Lady was silent.

"I'm not going with you," she said at once. Mrs. François looked surprised.

"What you talking about? You must. I am your Grandmother."

"I don't care. I love Ms. Stone and I loved Whitley and you can't make me live with you. I am old enough to decide aren't I?" Mrs. François did not answer. Lady looked to Ms. Stone. "Aren't I? Don't I have a say?"

"Of course you do. But this is matter for the courts."

"You are going to challenge me?" Mrs. François asked aghast.

"Of course. Lady is my daughter and I will not let anyone take her from me nor separate her from her sister."

Two weeks after those words were spoken, the four of them met in court. After many testimonies, it seemed that L' Adele would leave. But seeing that L' Adele greatly wanted to stay with Ms. Stone and Witty, an agreement was reached. Mrs. François and Ms. Stone would be awarded dual custody of L' Adele. During the school year, she would live with Mrs. François but still attend school with Witty. During the summer and weekends, she would stay with Ms. Stone. Mrs. François purchased a house closer to the girl's school.

"I almost thought I lost you for a second there Lady," said Mrs. Stone

"As if you'd be so lucky," said Lady smiling as she hugged her mother.