such grace as she turns again
(the center of a carousel of boys, each their own mess)
when will she learn
the ride never stops?

her highness
(so stubborn- no, determined,
to catch a victim in her web
despite her declaration of surrender)
marches up to each subject
(demanding in her shirt so small
and pants so low)

and she doesn't realize that with every rejection,
she's finding herself closer to the prize.


so fondly fawning over him,
my little fawn
(my dear, my darling)

if you give him all your love,
what will you have left for yourself?

(and she says, i know,
i know, i know better.)
and i say i understand.

(and i will love her until she grows
and still thereafter)


so sad is
the one with the brightest smile.

(relentlessly abused,
but where are your scars?
raped of your life,
but why don't you stop it?)

don't let this acid ocean
drown you.
(if i could, i would protect you,
let every hit penetrate me before it reaches you.)


and i am the sickest of all.