understand it.

I don't hope for a peaceful world

I don't wait for gifts from christmas

I don't needto breathe anymore

I don't want to be an angel after living

I don't wish to live till I'm 82 years old

I don't search for truth anymore

simply, you have to understand

I hope for your love

but it's shit

I wait for you love me back

I know you never would doit

can I keep waiting for?

I wanna breathe your oxygen

we were born on the same earth

but we breathe different things

if I die, I want to be your heart

to make you love me

why should I live till the end?

even when I'm 82 years old

your love'snot for me

I didn't find nothing but

love is hurt too

if there's not suffering

it's not love.

if you don't want to remove your painful heart

'cause of loving

it's because you're not loving.

simply, you understand it

I saw misery to love you

I don't cry anymore

how? if you cleared my tears

you ignore me

as I understood

love is hurt too.