Sometimes she enters in with her arms outstretched and she's waiting for the perfect moment
He doesn't believe that moment brings cherish but what the fuck does she care
What he thinks
It's just so stupid anyway

He's a little lap doggy playing with his tail uncertain of the ledge ahead and then wham
He's hit his poor puppy head
She coos and whistles
Until sand falls in his eyes—oops, no more puppy dog eyes
Oops, that's too bad
Oops, that's so sad

Sometimes she says the most ruttish things and he's at her lap like a window and a swing
Fling, fling, they go together like the perfect couple perceived to be
But damn if he didn't know what's happening next
And boom, crack, splinter, there goes the support of the ledge
And ouch, how does it feel?

Even crushed, she still loves his little tail and chases it silly until she collapses
In exhaustion; hear her sigh, its so sweet and earthly still
But to his ears, puppy ears, how he hears it all so loud and extra sensitive
He knows the secrets
He knows the limits