What happened to my hero.

I have seen my hero with tears streaking down his face.

I have seen him fall to his knees and pray to god that his life will be over.

I have seen my hero bleed.

I have seen him hurt.

And I still stayed by his side.

Even though I will never see him as the same hero I have grown to love.

Most of it is my fault for Imortalizing him in my eyes.

He will stay anonymous.

Just a face in the world that seems normal.

Like everyone else.

He will never be the same towering figure that I used to see.

He will not be able to save me from certain death as I once thought.

He is not Imortal anymore.

He has lost his wings.

Throughout this he has pleaded.

Not something a hero would do,

But a ordinary person would do.

My hero is not the image of beauty or the good in this world.

But he is still my hero.