It's a cold night. I pull up the hood on my dark blue sweater over my dark brown hair, hoping my black jeans were thick enough to keep my legs warm. My amber-colored eyes glance around me, taking in the surroundings. Yes, this was the place. In an open meadow, their stood nothing but piles of rubble and wood. It use to be a village. My home. Memories flashed through my mind of my childhood.

"It's wrong!"

"Against the laws of nature!"

"He's an abomination!"

Those were the words that I heard when I was seven. All I could remember was a bunch of adults standing around me, cursing at me, pointing their fingers at me. I was small, and I couldn't control my fox ears back then. They stuck right out from the sides of my head, slanted and pointing behind me. My mothers arm held onto me, protecting me as my father held the villagers back.

"How dare you break our traditions and laws!" they said to him. I remember my father had thick black hair, and he was huge. He was at least three feet taller then everybody else in the village, a scraggly face with a barely shaven beard. He stood in front of me and my mother, clenching his fists at the village elder.

"I don't care! He's my son, and you won't harm him, or my wife!" He yelled, his voice deep and intimidating. They backed away a little, afraid of his anger. Even if he had committed a crime that would sentence him to death, he was very influential. You see, Werewolves weren't supposed to breed outside their own species. My mother was a were-fox.

He managed to get them out of the house. When he slammed the door shut, he turned to me and my mother. She was shaking, her eyes filled with fear.

"Their going to kill him Leres, they'll kill you too.."

"I know Mia. You and Syen aren't going to be here when they come back."

"What about you dad?" I asked, my voice quiet and shaky. He kneeled down to my eye-level, and placed his hands over my shoulders. He looked into my frightened eyes.

"I have to stay here. I can't go anywhere else, or I'll endanger both you and your mother. Take care of her for me."

With teary eyes, I hugged him tightly, realizing what he was telling me. He hugged me back, and for the first time in my life I could see him cry. He pushed me away, tears streaming, my mother grabbed my hand and pulled me away.

We ran through the night, only relying on instinct to guide us. I tripped and stumbled, but I managed to keep up with my mother. Beyond our village was a vast plain with a single trail that lead to the Jenla Forest. It was said that thousands of renegades were living in this forest. Rumors told of a massive encampment that stood in the very center that was guarded by many dangerous creatures that called the forest home. That's where my mom was trying to lead us. As we entered the trees, my mom came to a slow walk, telling me to be as silent as possible. Her fox ears extended from her head.

'Syen,' she said, using her telepathic gift to speak in my mind. 'Listen for anything that might be approaching. It's time for you to learn to use your fox powers.'

I did as I was told, my ears twitching, listening for any sound I could hear. My mind went into a trace, and I closed my eyes. I could see everything through the sense of my nose and hearing. I could hear every air current, every little squirrel gathering food, the snap of a twig under a bears paw….

My memories were suddenly interrupted. I could sense someone sneaking directly behind me. I whipped around, my foot arching through the air. My kick missed as something blurred out of view, jumping over me and landed on the other side. I felt arms wrap around my shoulders, there hands settling on my chest. It was Hira.

"Why can't you just say hello?" I asked. She giggled and then gently kissed my cheek.

"Because I like scaring you," she said. I looked over my shoulder. She had dirty blonde hair that was tied into a pony tail, with dark blue cat ears with black stripes sticking out from her head. Her eyes had two different colors. Sometimes they were a light blue, the other a greenish color. She had a vertical slash for a pupil. On her cheeks were four thin triangular markings, two on either side. "I knew you would come back to this place," she told me.

"How?" I asked her.

"Their was a huge arrival of were-wolves back at the refuge. I talked to them, and they said this place had been attacked. So naturally, you would feel safe to come back here."

"You know me to well."

She smiled again, baring a set of vampire fangs. She was a cross breed just like me, her parents were a vampire and a were-cat. We were both outcasts from our people. She let go, allowing me to turn around and face her directly. She wore a dark blue tank-top and some black cotton pants. I stared deep into her eyes, feeling my love for her surface to my mind. She was beautiful in every way. I kissed her on the lips, and leaned my head against hers.

"Let them out," she whispered.

"What?" I said, confused.

"You look cuter with your fox ears," she said. I smiled. This is what you get when you cross a vampire with a cat. I flexed my black pointed ears, extending them out into the cold night air. She smiled again, and kissed me. She jumped back, mewing playfully. I ran after her, playing a game of chase back into the woods. As we ran through the trees, she tried to hide from me. Using my fox sense, I could always find her. This time she was standing on a thick branch. She was so much more acrobatic then I was, given that she had the instincts of a cat. I had nothing but brute strength, speed, and a sense that could replace my eye-sight if needed. We were all born different, more powerful then the pure-bred demons. Maybe that's why they hated us, even feared us.