I woke up bound in chains and shackles with a rancid scent assaulting my nose. Only the tattered remains of my shirt and jeans remained on my body as I lay on a rough concrete floor. They had disappeared during the transformation, but came back as if they had been forced through something three times their size. Hira was nowhere to be seen. I was alone inside a small dark room where only iron bars were visible in the little light that came through the cracks in the wood above me. A pole stuck out in the middle of the floor, holding me and my chains to a limited distance to roam. I felt a sudden motion travel through the floor, and new immediately I was in the brig of a ship. Curious, I let my ears extend, and I could hear the subtle sounds of splashing water. Their was a constant sound of feet moving and people talking. I sensed another room next to mine, hearing a deep and calm breathing coming from inside. That had to be Hira, probably still unconcious. I stood up, trying to get my sea legs. I walked backward, watching my chains as they tightened up. I walked back as far as I could go, and walked around, figuring out my diameter range. I pulled on the shackle, and hissed with pain. Something sharp pierced my skin, and I felt this slight burning sensation in my wrist.

"I wouldn't try that," a voice said behind me. The door clicked as a sailor turned the key and opened my prison door. The colonel and two guards walked inside, keeping a small distance between me and them. The two guards pointed rifles at my face as the colonel stepped closer towards me.

"The inside rim of those shackles have small silver barbs so you don't snap the chain," he said, glancing around at the prison bars. "Quite clever I think."

"What do you want?" I demanded. He turned his gaze slowly towards me, a maniacal glint in his eye made me shiver.

"Just the ultimate weapon," he replied. "Something that will help full fill my vision for this pitiful world."

I glanced at his feet and slowly tightened my grip on the chain. "You better stop talking in riddles," I threatened. He laughed a little before I pulled on the chain with my fingers. He tripped over the tightened chain, and flat on his face.

The two guards came rushing forward, cracking the butt of a rifle on my face and beating me until I fell to the floor. One held my hands behind my back and the other kept his foot on my back, pressing me against the floor. My face felt moist and hot as a large gash began to bleed from my eyebrow. The colonel stood up, pissed off and flustered.

"I'll kill you!" he yelled furiously. It was my turn to laugh.

"If you didn't need me, I would be dead already," I said. The colonel glared at me, fuming. He gave a signal with his hands, and the guards loosened their grip, stepping away. I stood on my feet, still feeling like their was a foot on my back.

"I'm not some dumb animal," I said. The colonel seemed to take control of his anger, trying to distort his facial features, and forced a smile.

"I see. You figured that much out," he said with a sarcastic tone. "If you were so smart, then I guess you deserve to know the rest." He started pacing around me as I watched him. He took a deep breath before he started again.

"Over a millennia before our time, ferocious demons and fierce monsters terrorized the human race, nearly causing their extinction. Demons were powerful, and immortal in age. The Gods could do nothing to defeat them. In a desperate effort to conserve their servants, the Gods provoked a war between demon and monster, causing both to clash in a gigantic war of genocide. Only a few of the most powerful of demons remained alive. As there reward for destroying the races of ogers, trolls, and dragons, they were rewarded with imprisonment. In a desperate will of survival, these demons fled and mated with other animals before they were captured."

The birth of our race. The demons he spoke of began the existence of all were creatures. Now we were all slowly dying out.

"To have the energy to keep them sealed, they had to channel the energy through the descendants that sprouted," he continued. "And a prophecy was made that one day, the demons would escape through into this world again. And to do that, you would need a special kind of key."

I remembered what he had said before I had fallen unconscious. A Cat by Vampire, A Fox by Wolf, both will be the key.

"Yes, you remember," he said as if he had read my mind. "You and your girl are the ones who will open the door for me."

"So that's why you attacked the hideout? That's why you've been destroying any known inhabitant of our kind…"

"Exactly," he said with a triumphant glee

"What do you plan to do after you allow them to escape?" I asked. "They'll destroy the world, what's in it for you?"

"Allow me to continue," he said. "When I was on assignment in Dimone, my men and I found another part to the prophecy.

Another part of the prophecy?
"It told of a way to control them." He reached into his coat, and extracted a round object from an inside pocket. I was a large round disk of smooth black obsidian with a gold rim, engraved with different symbols of the ancient language.

"All I have to do is show them their reflection in this, and I will have control," he said as if he already had achieved victory. "I will have the greatest weapons in this world, and I will use them to rule this world. Imagine…the might of all countries falling to the power of the ancient demons at my command..." His face grew dreamy with the large smile crawling across his face.

He was insane. I had heard myths about the ancient demons. They were Were-creatures like us, but larger, more aggressive, violent, and often feasted on human flesh. They were once responsible for almost causing the second apocalypse… If that was the Colonels goal, he was definitely insane.