"I am positive mom. This school is perfect for me. I'm being called…I can feel it." Lisa said feeling that electric spark move up and down her arms every time she thought about Whispering Valley Christian College, the college she was now starting to attend, today was move in day. There was a time when Lisa wouldn't even give Whispering Valley Christian College a second glance but now Lisa's heart was so set on it.

Whispering Valley was a bible study college. Three years ago Lisa would have gagged at the thought of going to a "Jesus Freak College" but now she embraced it with all she had. She was so excited to learn more about her faith and about herself. And more then anything she wanted to serve the Lord throughout her whole life. Going to Whispering Valley was going to fulfill this dream of Lisa's.

I guess this story really starts three years ago. Lisa was fifteen years old and she felt like she was on top of the world. She had a boyfriend, she partied almost every night, got drunk and had "great" friends. Then her boyfriend dumped her for someone prettier, the parties got boring, and the drinking was just something to escape from all of her problems. Depression started to set in for Lisa. She was crying herself to sleep almost every night. There was a time when Lisa was a good girl, she lived a faith-filled life and orientated everything around her belief in Jesus. After she started partying, she forgot about her King and had no time for Him anymore. Lisa began to think "What is this emptiness inside of me? Why can't I feel whole like I used to?" and then one day she came across her old prayer cards and an old "WOW Hits" Christian CD she had thrown behind her bed-stand long ago. "This is BS, I can't believe I wasted my time on this stuff." She thought.

Then this thought started to bug Lisa. When she was so avid in her faith she remembered how happy she was, she had something to believe in, to hold on to. She had some hope that this world wasn't all that bad, there was so much good when she had Jesus in her life. This hit Lisa like a ton of bricks. "Lord, you're that emptiness in my heart. Because your not there my heart is not full." Lisa was ready to be filled.

The Lord started sending signals to Lisa and she paid attention to them. Lisa went to church for the first time in months that Sunday. Sure she had "gone" to church with her family, but she really wasn't there, her heart was not in it. But that Sunday she was so alive, she sung her heart out and prayed for forgiveness. She was back for good!

It wasn't exactly easy for Lisa. She had to cut off connections with many of her "friends" and she was often pressured to come out and drink again. And though she was tempted so much she never gave in. She started to read the bible and take down notes of what she read. She had one full notebook just for Genesis, and she loved to study the bible.

Lisa was so happy that she had held onto her virginity. She had dated guys on and off but had never done anything more then making out, which even that she felt guilty for. But she rejoiced that she could save herself until she was married. One day at church the priest announced that there would be a youth conference in Minnesota that the youth of the church were welcome to come to. It would be on a weekend and they would sing, dance, go to church, hear speakers, and learn about themselves and Christ. Lisa was so excited she signed up right away and counted down the days until it came.

That weekend her life was changed drastically. She completely committed herself to serving God. She surrendered her life to Jesus, and realized that you can have fun when you worship God. It's not just a bunch of "Freaks" that live this horribly strict life condemning others. Her heart was finally full.

And when Lisa started looking around for colleges junior year she came across a pamphlet she had gotten at a College Fair she went to with her Junior class. Whispering Valley Christian College, she was a little leery at first. She was shooting for a bigger college and never thought of going out of the state of Wisconsin. But when she read about it, only 175 students enrolled in a small town in Minnesota she was captured. For a long time Lisa had worried about finding someone potentially that she could marry some day. A Christian guy who values God and respects woman is very hard to find. But Lisa knew that at this Bible study college there were people that loved God just as much as she did. You had to be called to go to this school, it was a serious commitment and she knew that there had to be guys who would respect her there.

And as Lisa carried in her pillow and a duffel bag full of clothes from her mom's car she breathes a long sigh of happiness. How long she had waited for this day and it was finally here. Lisa set down the last of her boxes next to the bunk bed that was set up in the small dorm room.

"So this is it Lisa?" Her mother said smiling with tears forming in her dark brown eyes.

"This is it mom!" Lisa said giving her mom a hug. "Thanks for sacrificing so much and letting me go here mom, this is what I want and I can't wait to get started. I know you're going to miss me a lot but we'll see each other soon enough."

"I know. I'm sure going to miss you hunny." She said hugging her back and giving her a kiss on the cheek.

"I guess that I'm going to get going soon, but I will wait around until your roommate comes if you want." Her mom said wiping away a few tears that managed to roll down her cheeks.

"No mom, It's alright you have work tomorrow and its going to take a long time to get home. I want you to get home and get rest. I'll be fine! I promise." Lisa said giving her mom reassuring and one last hug.

Lisa started to unpack her belongings. There was a small closet that she had to share with her roommate who had not yet arrived. She didn't want to set up her bed until she knew whether she was going to sleep on the bottom or top bunk. She put out a few pictures of her family and friends. She had just placed a framed picture of Holly her best friend when her roommate walked in.

Lisa's heart pounded as she turned as smiled reaching out her hand and saying "Hi! I'm Lisa Williams!" When her roommate, instead of shaking her outstretched hand, grabbed Lisa and gave her a great big hug.

"We don't shake hands we hug! I'm Katie Matthews!" Her roommate said getting both girls to giggle.

End of Section 1 (more to come soon!)