Eventually Lisa and Katie were settled into there new dorm. The two girls unpacked, chatting about how excited they were for college to start and wondering if they would fit in. Katie was about the same height as Lisa, only a little taller. She had jet black hair and light brown eyes. Her skin was a soft honey and she was quite thin. Lisa thought she was beautiful. Lisa was so relieved to know that her roommate was nice so far. Lisa ended up taking the top bunk since Katie was a "restless sleeper, who would probably roll off and kill herself," if she slept there. Lisa didn't mind, and she set up her soft, hand-stitched quilt her great-grandmother made for her when she was young. Lisa was beginning to like Katie more and more every second they spoke. She found out that Katie came from a small family. She was an only child and her father was a minister at her small town. Lisa couldn't imagine being an only child, growing up with three brothers she loved her large family. Lisa figured that since Katie's father was a minister that she would have been close to Jesus her whole life, but Lisa soon found out this was furthest from the truth.

"You see I was in and out of juvenile detention when I was younger. I was quite the rebel. I had this complete turn around when my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer. I was just so angry with God…why would he do this to my family? Life was supposed to be great and I thought that He was making it difficult. And right before my mom died…her last words to me were 'Go back Katie. He wants you back so bad, if only you could see his face.' And that was my great awakening…I knew that He is real and went back to being his daughter." Katie said this with such ease and a great big smile on her face. Lisa was so amazed…there were other people out there who had a bad past and who made mistakes. There were others who turned completely from God but came back just as she had. "That's amazing…your amazing!" Lisa said giving Katie a hug.

The two girls decided that they would explore their new home. They headed down the hallway of the dorm. The walls were painted a light pink and there were different painting of the Holy Family and Jesus sporadically hanging on the wall. They had only gotten a few feet down the hallway when a cheerful looking girl came walking out of the next room. The girl was short and plump. She had auburn hair and fair skin. She had a black shirt that had the words "Body Piercing Saved my Life" written across it.

Lisa was the first to speak up. "Hi there! My names Lisa Williams it's nice to meet you!" Katie followed, "And, I'm Katie Matthews. It looks like we'll be sharing this dorm for a while!" The cheerful young girl reached out her hand and warmly shook both Katie and Lisa's. "I'm Sarah Newburg, It's very nice to meet you! I'm so excited for this whole experience!" She said smiling so wide you could see her back teeth. "Oh me too!" Said Lisa smiling wide. "We're gonna keep exploring Sarah, your welcome to come join in!" Said Katie.

"Oh no its alright my roommate hasn't arrived yet and I still got some unpacking to do. We should all meet up later and go get something to eat together though!" She said happily. "That sounds great!" Lisa said. "Alright well talk to you later then and God bless!" Sarah said waving as Lisa and Katie made there way down the hallway. Lisa felt warm inside like she was exactly where she needed and wanted to be. She knew this place had to be something great.

The girl kept exploring and ended up running into three other girls. Janis Parker who was a petite young girl, it was her second year at Whispering Valley and she was very excited and proud of her school. The second girl was Mary Michels, she had long blonde hair and was about 5'6 the same height as Lisa, she wore a hooded sweatshirt and jeans and was also a freshman, she seemed very nice and polite. And the third girl they met was Sandy Hannigan. She was about and inch shorter then Lisa and was a beautiful Asian, she giggled after most things she said and seemed very shy.

Lisa knew that this school couldn't be filled with everyone like this. Everyone was so cheerful and kind and caring. She understood that things may get ugly at times but she was so happy she was there, it was an all new adventure for her that she couldn't wait to get started on. After the girls explored their dorms and found where the bathrooms and showers were they made there way back to their room. They happened to bump back into Sarah Newburg who was now chatting away with her new roommate. Her roommate, Karen, seemed almost like she could be related to Sarah. The only difference between the two was that Karen's hair was a brighter red and more curly.

"Hey you still up to getting something to eat?" Lisa said touching Sarah's shoulder with a smile as she passed by. "Oh yeah! That sounds great. We should get a bunch of girls to go." Sarah said and before they knew it a group of 13 girls were bustling around with there purses and grabbing sweatshirts and hats and mittens. Whispering Valley was in Bemidji, Minnesota so the climate was very cold. Even now in September the girls all had sweatshirts and mittens along to keep warm. And so the group of girls chattering away and laughing went out into the cool Minnesota air all excited for there next adventure.

Lisa looked around campus, it was beautiful. There were trees all around, with many bare patches now since the leaves were starting to fall. The air was crisp and Lisa drank everything in looking at all of the tiny cabin type buildings around her. All sound seemed to drown out from around her as she felt the cool wind whip against her golden cheeks. "Thank you Lord." She whispered quietly to herself. She was in such a daze that she ran right into someone.

"Oh…I'm sorry!" Lisa said quite embarrassed. She looked up to find a young man standing before her. He was tall, about 6'1. He wore a gray sweatshirt that said "Oak Hills Christian High School" on it in big white block letters. His hair was chestnut brown and long, it curled at the ends, the wind blew it over his eyes as he smiled and said "Don't worry about it! What's your name?"

"I'm Lisa Williams, I'm a freshman here." Lisa said with a dumb smile on her face. Electricity flowed through every inch of Lisa's body and seemed to radiate through her. She didn't know what this feeling was but she knew that this guy was special. "I'm Joe Rawling, I'm a freshman too. Where you ladies off to?" He said looking Lisa quickly in the eyes which sent shivers up and down her. "Oh we're getting something to eat. We don't know exactly where…but somewhere!" She said laughing. "Well I'm from around here so I know where you could find a place to eat, If you just wanna wait here I'll go get my roommate and a couple buddies and we'll show you around." Joe said. "Girls how does that sound?" Lisa said hoping they'd all agree. "Yeah that sounds fun!" they all rung out. "Great well just wait here I'll be back!" Joe said lightly tapping Lisa on the shoulder and running in the opposite direction towards the boys dormitory.