Look at me
Self declared revolutionary
Unshaved travesty
By-product of bile from the 20th century

Well your mind I will sophisticate
I'll scowl and vomit all over this place
This being I love; this world I hate

Well your mind, and your fear
Is all too well known, too well shared
I complicate things behind lengthy hair

Well my mind is pretty set
I'll throw my fists to stand up for it
But still I tick away inside thinking…

Look at me, why don't you look at me?
Why don't we recognize each other?
When did we stop becoming humans?

When was the world thrown off of its axis?
Why do we pay with blood and taxes?
Why are we so far away from ourselves?

Look at me, and I'll look at you
No opinions, no preconceptions
Just understanding, comprehension

Realization that in your eyes
Stands another person like you
Who is also alive

And maybe then, I'll still vomit
I'll still say I'm bile from lost times and ideals
I'll still calculate and throw my fists

But hopefully you will see
I don't like to ignore what's in my presence
I would prefer not to hate

Hopefully, you'll look at me
I'll look at you
We'll be at peace

For no more antagonisms
No more superficial declarations
We should all only look and appreciate

And maybe then, we'll stop the world
Maybe then, we'll forget about fate
Because we've finally all noticed one another

And the cobwebs and the hate
Will be left for yesterday
And our faces won't be so sullen.