"Mm yeah – just there. Oh god yeah – that's it…"

Quiet murmurs, little cries and squeaks of delight escaped from the pair as they rolled together. Nothing serious perhaps, but sometimes a fling is just what you need, and they do say opposites attract. For a moment earlier their gazes had locked, both so very different and yet just for a moment seeming disturbingly similar.

They'd seemed more similar still after alcohol, the conversation growing steadily more intimate until finally they slipped away and found a free room. They spent the night together – the truth and the lie. The truth had discovered that if the lie looked a certain way, smiled a certain smile, it could almost look like him. The lie on the other hand noticed how when the truth twisted and angled under him he looked at times eerily familiar.

Afterwards they lay tumbled together in a warm comfortable heap. Satiated, the truth dozed off, only half-waking when the lie murmured something about going for a glass of water.

It wasn't until he awoke properly later did he realise that the lie still hadn't return. A search of the room, and then those close by revealed the he was nowhere to be found. He'd gone for good. Having left several hours ago, by the time the truth got his pants on, the lie was already halfway around the world.