He'd never thought he would be accepted at first. He'd waited long hours by the phone, waiting forlornly for that call, and yet not wanting to make a call himself in case he seemed desperate. It seemed an infinity of waiting, pacing, staring at the phone and willing it to ring. She couldn't want him surely? Oh, but how he hoped she did...

And then it did, and the world was a beautiful, wonderful place.

He saw her every day, except weekends - every mistress knows that there are times when the wife and family has to come first. She was patient with that though, and waited, before gradually starting to demand more of his time, little by little. Just an extra hour or two every night, just popping in to see her on weekends. But every week she demanded just a little time - surely he didn't really want to go home yet, did he? Couldn't he stay just a little longer?

It couldn't go on forever. His wife had guessed what was happening long ago but had stood by him patiently, hoping that this was just some midlife crisis, hoping it would pass. Even her patience though, had limits. The ultimatum came - her or me.

He drooped as he came to her on that last day. He'd written his goodbye in a letter, outlining his reasons, and giving her a months notice as a final courtesy to his obsession that much as he loved her, his wife and family had to come first.

There is, after all, such a thing as loving your job too much.