Once upon a time,
She'd bang her skull
Against the tiles on the floor
And leak goo from her eyes
As I'd pick off her scabs
To put in little jars.

I swear I love the one I raped,
Locked in her bedroom as I whispered,
"The walls are crawling with germs."
It made her dizzy.
They'd want to fuck her too
If they knew how lovely she was.

My lust is not misplaced for her,
The figure beneath the insecure layers,
What I thrive on shredding up.
I should be covering my eyes now,
But this is my most favorite part!

She bleeds out her disease;
I draw my fingers up her spine.
It's all my doing
That she flinches when touched.
She stands in the spotlight,
I take in her form,
Completely exposed, yet showing few scars.

She is forced to do nothing;
She just begs to have it look that way.
We've done this many times before.
Now she'd like to see my collection:
Containers of her agony, all lined up.
Horrified, she gasps.
I threaten to feed her the contents.

Streaks of red have stained the cracks,
And she lowers herself to them.
Guardedly, she confides to my ankles,
"You have made me complete."
Fear of what's to come ruins her words,
But she only minds the parasites,
And what an honor it is.