Can't Be Contained by writerforever

Dedicated to Jesus, King of my heart.

At times I lose my way

At times I stray

At times I find myself so far away from You

At times the world pulls me down

But then You call for me

And I run to You

You lift me up

You fill me with Your abundant love

And Your holy presence courses through my entire soul

It's a feeling of wonder

It's a feeling of excitement

It's a feeling of beauty

It's a feeling of love

It's a love that cannot be contained

I must shout it out

That You are God

I must sing songs of praise to You

For I cannot contain this love

It's overflowing

It's a love that can't be contained

Even all of creation can't contain it

The wind sings of Your majesty

The mountains rejoice

The creatures of the earth cry out Your name

For Your love can't be contained

It's burning like a fire inside of creation

It's burning inside of me

And I can't contain it any longer

So I'm going to shout out Your beautiful name

I'm going to sing of Your wondrous love

Because it's a love that can't be contained…