I remember the first time I saw him. He came into school wearing baggy pants with 3 chains on each side with a black and red guitar shirt and a trench coat that made him look so dark and powerful. He was also wearing heavy eyeliner and he had his right ear and his eyebrow pierced. He had jet black hair that was spiked and ice cold blue eyes that you could die for. I thought he was hot but I quickly made those thoughts go away. I'm not a prep I just know that there would be no way, no chance for us. I saw him wearing a baphomet which I know is a satanic symbol and I'm a Christian. My family is very deep into our faith and they are extremely picky about the guys I date and what I allow to go into my head. He takes a seat in the back of the room. Then, our Math teacher, Mr. Lands, begins to speak.

"Now class, we have a new student, please welcome Ville." Everyone turns around and looks at him and says hello. He just sits there giving them all evil stares.

"Tell the class a little bit about yourself… Ville." Mr. Lands said.

"Let me think about that, no." He says. He has a deep dark powerful voice.

"Well… ok then. Now class, let's work in partners on pages 232-235. Now Kristina, why don't you work with Ville and catch him up with things?" My eyes open wide and everyone snickers. As everyone is going into partners, I take the empty desk next to him.

"Um, hi Ville, I'm Kristina." I smile and say as positive as I can.

"You know, you don't have to pretend to be happy." He says coldly.

"Well, let's get started want too?"

"The aura around your body is so pure so, tell me, are you a Christian?" He looks into my eyes deeply; it seems and feels like he is pulling into my soul.

"Yes, I am."

"You need to be tainted." He smiles. Something about his smile; it's so powerful and… different.

"What is that supposed to mean?"

"Ah yes, page 232." He says. We begin to work and get it done a few minutes before the bell is to ring. I get up to leave when he stops me.

"Sit down and talk to me for a minute." He says. I sit back down.

"What do you want to talk about I ask?"

"You know… Kristina, you are really beautiful." He puts one of my blondish-brown curls behind my ear. His touch sends shivers up and down my spine.

"Th… thanks." I say a little bit frightened.

"Ha, am I frightening you? I'm looking inside your soul. Meh, I'm just joking." I look at his stuff and see that symbol all over it and all these bands I have never heard of.

"Hey, Ville, who are those bands?"

"Why, you don't know any of these bands?"

"No, my parents only allow Christian music."

"Your life must suck. Heh, how much fun I could have making you bad. Hey, what's say you be my girlfriend?" The bell rings.

"Uh… got to go, see you later!" I grab my books and rush out of the classroom. The rest of the day I avoid Ville as best I can. At the end of the day, as I'm at my locker getting ready to go home, I feel his icy touch on my shoulder.

"You never answered my question." He smiles his sinister smile.

"What question, you never asked me a question." I stammer out.

"Think about it some more. I can make you a better person." He whispers down into my ear sending shivers up my spine.

"I… I don't know."

"Meh, so you do remember, goodbye." As quick as he came, he was gone. I take a deep breath and get the rest of my stuff. I'm about to be late for volleyball practice. I rush there and go into the locker room and change.

"Hey, Kristina, you were not early today like you usually are!" My best friend Amber says laughing.

"Hey sorry, I had a slight delay." I say as I'm putting my hair up to get ready to play.

"You know… Kristina, that new guy… Ville, I think he likes you."

"Nah, I don't think so."

"Why did he ask you to be his girlfriend then? Kristina, you did not say yes… did you?" She asked getting serious all of a sudden.

"No… why?" I ask.

"Well, he is bad news. He got kicked out of his last school for fighting and putting a guy in critical condition, he has mental disorders, and on top of that, he is a full blown Satanist. My mom told me about him since she is the assistant principal and she told me to stay away from him." I look at her in disbelief and decide not to tell her that I kind-of like him.

"Don't worry about me Amber, why would I do that?"

"I… I didn't think you would, I just thought you should know." We run out to volleyball practice and after it is over, I go home with a heavy heart.

"Hey Kristina, how was your day?" My mother Cathy says as soon as I walk in the door. The house smells of cookies and Christmas fragrances.

"It was fine, gosh, Christmas is 25 days away and you already have it smelling like Christmas." I smile.

"Well, this weekend we are doing the tree after you get back from your sleepover at Amber's."

"That's awesome! I cannot wait!"

"Hey sis, what's up?" My older brother Chris says.

"Hey Chris."

"Do you know who will be 21 tomorrow?" He asks.

"You, ha, you are going to love my gift." I say.

"And you are still just 16." He sticks his tongue out at me; I hit him, and then go up into my room. I do my homework and by the time I am done, it is 6:30. It is Time for dinner with my family. I go down and help set the table and when we are all seated we pray.

"Dear Jesus, please bless this food we are about to eat and help it nourish our bodies. AMEN!" My father prays and we all begin to eat. I could not pray in my head tonight, my head kept thinking of Ville. I wonder if he ever was a Christian. My mind cannot think straight. After eating, I get my shower and think very hard of what to do. I want to go out with Ville but what will my parents think? What will my friends think? What will God think? My heart is burdened heavily. I decide to pray and sleep on it.

Beep! Beep! Beep! My alarm clock goes off and I get ready for school. When I get to school and into my first period class I see something on my desk. It's a note, a long one. I see Ville in the back of the room, watching me. I read it:

Dearest Kristina,

Satan told me there would be a girl at this school, to mold, to shape into a child of the darkness. You are my beautiful fallen angel Kristina, the demons have told me. I want to show you the truth; I don't want you to be blind anymore. You deserve so much better. In 666 ways I love you and want to be with you my darling. I am dying; I am killing myself for your love even though I have just met you. Come to me; let me show you what love can be like. Come and drown in my love for you. Don't fear the reaper my love, take my hand. Love you, XxXxXxXVillexXxXxX

My eyes open wide and I look at him. I am very afraid now. Amber was right; I should not mess with him. He walks towards me and I walk out of the room and go into the restroom and sit on the chair in there. I breathe in and not very deeply a few times. I wait until the bell is about to ring before returning to the classroom.

"Hey, we got new seats." Amber said.

"Who do I sit by?" I ask.


"WHAT?" He smiles and hesitantly, I go and sit back by him.

"Kristina, I know you don't like me, but give me one chance, let me take you to Among the Fallen One's concert this weekend. I got third row." He smiles.

"Ville, what about my parents, I know I can't get by them."

"Say you are going to your friend's house. Just give me one chance Kristina." He looks into my eyes.

"Well… ok, but just this once." I say. I cannot believe I just agreed to that. He smiles.

"I'll taint your soul black." He says softly.


"I'll… um, make you the happiest girl that day. Meet me here and I'll take you there." He says. The rest of the week goes by fast, my brothers 21st birthday, decorating some of the tree. Then, comes Friday, the day I am to go with Ville.

"Hey mom, you know I'm going to Amber's for two days right?" I say lying. Please Lord forgive me for lying, I pray.

"Oh, you are? Ok. I love you, behave yourself." She kisses my forehead. I go upstairs into my room and get dressed for the concert; I wear my blue jean pants ripped in some places and my long sleeved purple top with black roses on it. I fix my hair. I really don't like my hair, its medium length and its blondish-brown and really stringy curls. Everyone else likes it but it drives me crazy. I put on my makeup, grab my purse and go outside to wait for Amber. I told her I needed a ride. She picks me up and we are off.

"Wow, Kristina, I'm so jealous, you are so pretty, what size are you, you look so skinny!" Amber asks.

"I'm a size 3 in pants and a size medium in tops."

"Ok, then, May I ask why you are so dressed up then?"

"Um, promise you won't get mad?"


"I'm going to a concert… with Ville.

"You're kidding right Kristina?"

"No, I am."

"Do your parents know?"

"No, please don't tell Amber."

"Do you know what you are getting yourself into???? What band?"

"Among the Fallen Ones."

"Kristina! Do you know what they sing about????????????"


"They sing of Satan, and demons and death and murder! They are a very bad band!!! You cannot go Kristina!"

"Amber… please, respect my choice, I'm asking you as a friend."

"Ok, I just really care about you. What time do I need to pick you up to go over to my house?"

"He said we will be back around midnight or one, if I'm not back by two, call the police."

"Ok, are you sure you want to do this?"


"Ok, well, there he is. Bye." I get out and I see his car. It is black and the windows are tinted. My heart starts to beat faster. I hear him blaring music. When I open the door, he turns it off and greets me.

"Hey my darling, are you ready?" He smiles. I see now that he has a lip piercing as well and 3 eyebrow piercings instead of just one.

"I'm as ready as I'll ever be." He smiles and begins to drive. When we get there, I have a very bad feeling. It is a big building and its pitch black.

"Um, Ville, is this the place?"

"Yes, isn't it beautiful?" As we walk in, he grabs my hand. When I get in there, I feel very awkward. Almost everyone in there has on all black clothing and multiple piercings. I am an oddball.

"Don't worry." Ville whispers in my ear.

"Hey Ville!" A tall guy in a trench coat and a 666 shirt comes up to us.

"Hey, Jake."

"Who is this vixen?"

"Her name is Kristina."

"Ah yes, the one you have been having visions about. Welcome my dear." He smiles and leaves.

"Ville… I'm starting to think I should not have come."

" Kristina, all will be ok, you will love this band, trust me."

"But you know how religious my family and I am."

"If you were as religious as you say, would you have came? Your heart has doubts Kristina, I can sense them."

"You are so weird!!!" I say.

"I'm not weird, I'm just different and know the truth, now sit down, the show is about to start." We sit down and I am freaked out beyond belief. Then, I hear the guitar playing. The show is starting. The drums begin and they produce a heavy evil sound. Then, I see the singer. All of them are in black and have the baphomet sign on them. The singer begins to sing, or should I say scream. Their lyrics are just as Amber said, against God, dark, about murder, suicide, death, and everything else dark and demented. Ville is head banging to all of it and singing along. I'm starting to worry severely now, wondering what have I got myself into. Even though I don't want to admit it, deep down, I like Among the Fallen Ones. After it is over, as we are driving, I notice we are going in the opposite direction of home.

"Hey… Ville?"

"Yes, my darling?"

"Why are we not going home?"

"Who said anything about going home? You are coming with me." He smirks and produces an evil smile. When I look down I see he is holding handcuffs. My eyes open wide. I knew I should never have agreed to this…

A/n: I'm going to say it now. If you don't like this, don't tell me so. Don't be like omg, a satanist and a Christian can never work and this is so horrible, I cannot believe you would think to write this, KEEP THOSE OPINIONS TO YOURSELF! If you like it though, I'm proud that you are not judgemental about things like this, you rock! Hope you enjoy!