Love Story

Tempt me naught you ivory moon

With your film noir beauty seeing nothing

But grayscale shadows

You try to remind me of him victoriously

Every recollection I have of you

Is one

Standing against the moon

Against the wind which you were

Against the ice around your heart

I melted it

And formed with you

A sculpture of ice and wind and water

We called it "love"

Like good artists should

And dear did we love

Night and noon and day and night

Right before, after

Every time we could

Just for a kiss

A kiss of wedding bliss

But no rings around the fingers

When we were detached

And clay fell to the floor and statue shattered

We bled

Oh we bled

And the moon turned red

I spilled more than you

As we picked up the pieces and went on our merry way

Yet everyday I pray

I know

If I could do it over again

I would

Even if it meant being forever blinded

By the reddened moon

The summer nights were merely

What movies and novels were made of

Forever they would be played repeatedly

Black and white love stories

Written with each moment in time

Cherished in my mind