The World of Pervidia had known peace for over a millennia. Not just peace between humankind, but between all races. Beastmen had come into existence five centuries earlier, due to the interbreeding of man and beast, but even then, peace was contrived through negotiation. Beings called Elders ruled over all and made sure that the peace lasted. Rumors abounded about what the Elders were: Humans? Immortal beings? But no answer was ever given.

Technology was once essential to Pervidia, but no new technology had been developed in the past few centuries. Weapons had been outlawed, except as hunting tools. The bow and arrow were brought back out in place of the guns that once caused devastation, and arrogance was all but wiped out. When the Elders were destroyed, the public was unsure of what to do. Old records, long unused were pulled out of history to see what was to be done about the pestilence of a new mega-being named Reydojin, the one named for the destruction of the Elders. Weapons were once again created and put to new uses, and technology, long dead, was revived and refined within a week of his domination.

Ryjin Drygo, one of the most outraged by this new intrusion of the worlds' peace, gathered his friends together for a meeting of the minds to see what could be done to rid the world of this new evil. Something had to be done, though nobody knew for sure what was the right course of action. This is his story; his adventure; and whenever one comes such as he with fire and determination; what results can only be of epic proportion.