"...and may Deyvon Sydney and Cid Hunter, heroes of Pervidia, rest in peace and God Bless them. Thank you all for coming.

"It seems like forever ago that Deyvon and I were living in peace with our wives, and yet it's only been a year...," Ryjin said

"You can't blame yourself, dear. I know he wouldn't blame you. Do you know what he would say if he were here?"

"Hah, yeah," Ryjin replied, and then mimicked Deyvon, "'Damn it all, Ryjin. Stop blaming yourself you giant blubbering idiot. I told you to the end, and I meant it.' But... it doesn't rest any easier on my conscience."

"Hey Ryjin!," Airon yelled as he came running up, "Come quick, you have to hear what they're singing over there in the pavilion. And they wrote it about us. Us!, can you believe it? They call it the Ballad of the Heroes of Pervidia."

Ryjin hugged Diranga to him as they walked over behind a very excited Airon. All of a sudden they heard the singing start and the voices rang out for all to hear:

Peace was known for a thousand years
And for the dead, we've shed a thousand tears
Evil came to be at last
In Pervidia, where dreams are cast
Reydojin, the evil daemon
By an Elder, put into action
The Rebels fought and fought
But it was all for naught
Until the heroes showed the way

Brining technology long forbidden
They used it on the long forgotten
An Elder they say it was
And he had set evil upon us
An awesome battle was fought
Six great heroes and two were lost
To bring peace back to Pervidia

Oh Ryjin, Kulano, and Airon
Blessed warriors, Oh, Cid and Deyvon
And Diranga with eyes bright white
Killed the Elder to end our strife

So sing great praises
As evil, goodness chases
And raise high these heroes
As wickedness has it's death throes
The new Elders of Pervidia
These Heroes of deeds well renown

"You know, I was thinking of what the Elder said about the Island of the Damned," Ryjin started.

"Damn it, Ryjin," Airon broke in.


"Leave it at least until Summer. I want a break."