Constant Marvel

Within the constraints;
Translucent yet opaque,
Between folds of soft,
Smooth alabaster skin.
A marvel of creations lies.
The sole source of life.
The sole purpose of life;
The soul.

Held between thoughts;
Held between emotions.
Confined yet free,
Between two worlds.
Silent in itself;
Yet screaming its desires.
Unheard by the body,
Unsought by the mind.

Questioned by great minds,
Assumed by religions.
Its existence is pondered.
It's meaning obscure.
Yet there it remains,
Constant and present.
Even when thought to be gone.
Nonexistent, or missing.

Within it's constraints;
It quietly lies.
Patiently waiting there,
Until it's time to rise.
Our consideration of death;
A new life to it.
The soul remains trapped,
A marvel of creations.