"Song of Madness"
(Inspired by Snorri Sturlson)

Madness men call me when their minds I visit,
A far reaching disease, wrathful at heart.
Weaver of webs, wise in my hate.
Slipping silent like the surge of thoughts.

Bangles and talismans, Odin's sign waged against me
To destroy my existence, to destroy my aftermath:
Nearer and nearer to all men I creep.

Outside I stood by myself when you came,
Bringer of grief, you looked in my eyes.
Why have you come to me? Why do you tempt me?
Wanderer, I know the entrance to your soul;
Hidden away in your farthest reaches:
Death each morning drinks her fill
From the heart of your life. Need you know more?

Same Language Arts assignment as the "Children, Awaken" poem... This one was inspired by Voluspa, or Song of the Sybil by Snorri Sturlson, that cool and awesome Norse dude! : D