Title: Mr. Sensitive

Chapter one: Srarties!

If you ask anyone at school, they'll say I'm the greatest guy around. They'll say I'm sweet, cute, smart (Straight A's and everything) and funny. I've got the most perfect reputation! But…even though all that's true, I still spend my Friday nights alone, in my room, watching 'Live Peep' shows on the internet with my best friends 'Mr., Kleenex and Ms. KY Jelly'


Pleasurable…"hell yeah."

My friends (those are the real people, mind you) say the reason I'm alone and lonely is due to the fact that I'm just too nice; "too…sensitive."

I say they're on crack, and I'm really a straight guy in a gay boy's body.

Who the hell am I kidding?

I skimmed Playgirl and lost my libido for two whole weeks.

After reassessing the situation more than one hundred and twenty five times in two days, I've come to my own conclusion.

I need sex.

I really do. I suppose it's all part of being sixteen, but it's certainly not rational to think about it every waking moment of my life.

So, that's when I decided that I'd do something about my raging hormones. I, Aiden Allen Redford, decided to go to a "Srarty."

Srarty (srärtē) n., pl. –ties L. srars, srart 1. A gathering of teenagers for sexual entertainment.

Oh yeah, a srarty. I was prepared to get smashed drunk with a Sean (best friend) and end up sleeping with girls I didn't know. Of course, it was completely out of character for me, and totally ridiculous, but I was still stuffing my back pocket with condoms anyway.

"So, are you finally ready to party with the grownups Aiden?" Sean asked with a smile as he arrived on my doorstep.

I looked behind me, and then shut the door, wondering if I was overdressed. Sean was wearing a red T-shirt with the words: Rebellious Rocker on the front, and a pair of black jeans that strongly contrasted with my pale blue cashmere sweater, dark blue scarf, and tan cargo pants. Sean's hair was spiked and dyed a lighter shade of blonde…mine was brushed neatly, and remained ginger brown.

"Eh…I don't know anymore," I said queasily. Sean gave me a pat on the back, and grinned.

"Tonight Aiden, you become a man. Now …what lie did you tell your folks?" he asked.

I was quick to grow defensive. My parents had complete trust in me. I didn't want to barrel myself with guilt….at least not right then.

"I didn't lie! I said I was going to a party!"

(Okay…so it was a half-truth.)

"Smooth. It's just a good thing you know me," he grinned cockily, and got into the driver's seat of his Jeep as I climbed in on the other side.

Before I knew it, we were across town in front of one of the ritzier homes on the boulevard. I didn't know anyone who lived there, but at the moment, it didn't mater. I was becoming lightheaded, and my heart was beating a lot faster than usual.

Sean knocked three times on the door, waited, then knocked two more times. The door swung inward, being held by a blonde in pink stilettos and a playboy bunny outfit. Her hair was cut short, and she wore a lot of makeup. I thought it just made her nose look even bigger.

"Welcome to the Srarty boys! Newcomers?" She asked.

Sean pointed my way, and I stood red-faced in front of the bunny.

"I'll catch you at midnight. Enjoy yourself," Sean gave me a thumbs up as three other girls met him at the door, pulling him towards a back room.

The girl before me in the bunny suit wasn't anyone I had ever seen before, but she looked like a senior. With a smile, she showed me inside. Loud techno music blared, and there were various couples on the couches making out.

"As you can see…" the bunny pointed. "The front rooms are for fondling, light to moderate petting, and make out. The back rooms—

"—Oh! Yes! Keep going!"

I blushed beet red as I heard a female shout from the back. The bunny giggled.

"—well, those are heavy petting and sex. Fetish rooms are to the left, but orgies, gay, bi, lesbian and video cam sex are to the right. "The bunny put her hands on her hips.

I was silent.

"You can meet some girls…or guys over there by the bar. Any other questions?" she asked.

I shook my head no.

"Alright, I'll see ya!" she bounded off towards the back rooms, and I started for the bar.

I couldn't think of anything better to do at the moment than get drunk. There was another bartender bunny, so I guessed they were running the show. She had short brown hair and the same big nose as the other girl.

(Sisters…nice hook.)

"What are you drinking?" She asked with a giggle. I looked at all the alcohol types on a board to my left. They were all foreign to me.

(Orgasmic Vodka Delight? Sex on the beach? What the fuck?)

Finally, I sighed.

"Water…no ice," I muttered, taking a seat at the bar.

The others guys around me were speaking softly into their partner's, coaxing them towards the make out rooms, or the sex rooms. Really, I just couldn't seem myself doing that. I figured a Srarty just wasn't the way to go.

"Here you are high roller, one water with no ice," The bunny turned snotty as she handed me my glass, which I noted was dirty.

A glob of something foaming and white sat on the surface of the water, and I grimaced, leaving it there. I was just about to lay my head down so I could die, when I felt a tap on my back. I whizzed around, and turned cherry red.

"Um, excuse me, do you have a cell phone I can— Aiden?"

The girl gasped in surprise. I wanted to die right then and there. I recognized her instantly. Her name was Daisy, and she was one of the only black girls in all of my classes. She was number two in class rankings, beneath me, and didn't have too many friends.

I blushed as I remembered that she had asked me to the Sadie Hawkins dance last year. I turned her down with an excuse about webbed toes…and the inability to dance. The real reason was Sean and some other guys had made a big deal about the fact that she was poor and black and …

(Owch…real sensitive)

"Daisy…" I forced a smile.

(I'm in deep--)

"Aiden," Daisy looked as if she was cross between, sad, embarrassed and angry. "I didn't think I'd see you here."

I blushed an even deeper red, but tried to keep my wits about me.

"Why are you here?" I asked suddenly, almost accusatory.

"I came here with a 'friend.' She ditched me," Daisy said simply. "You?"

(Damn. Great excuse.)

"I…" I sighed heavily. "I don't really know why I came here. I didn't sleep with anyone though," I added quickly.

Daisy gave me a small smile, and for some reason, it looked as if she forgave me.

"If you let me use your cell phone, my older sister will pick us up," she said quietly, but that's how she was most of the time; quiet.

"Okay let's---

"—Oh! You're the greatest! Ah! Oh!"

(They're like fricking rabbits!)

"Er…let's go outside," I hurried out with Daisy in tow, and let her use my phone.

"Yeah….the party was a bust. Could you pick me up?" Daisy asked sweetly into the receiver, shivering.

It figured…she was wearing only a t-shirt and skirt in the cold weather.

"Yep, me and a friend….yeah…he lives near by." There was a long silence. "Shut up!" Daisy snapped, and then viciously attacked the phone's end call button.

She calmed down quickly.

"It'll be ten minutes, but she's coming," Daisy handed me back my phone, and I stuck it into the back pocket of my pants.

"Thanks a lot," I smiled meekly, and took a seat on the pavement next to Daisy.

(Nice legs…)

She put her head in her hands, and stared out at the moon. Her deep brown eyes were the color of chocolate, and blended with her dark-coffee skin.

"You're welcome," she said absentmindedly, and then let her eyes fall on my feet. I knew what she was thinking.

I sighed inwardly and blushed.

"I don't have webbed toes. I lied," I said in a low mumble.

"I knew that," Daisy said simply. In fact, it was said so lightly…it hurt.


"—on the class swim trip…I saw your feet," she traced circles in a sandy patch of dirt near the road.

"Um…I never should have lied. It was just—

"—hey, she's early!" Daisy ignored me as a green VW beetle pulled up next to …)

Daisy's sister was at the wheel. They didn't look much like each other. Her sister had lighter skin, long, straight, hair, and hazel eyes.

"This is Aiden. He lives four houses down from us, on the left side," Daisy opened the back seat door for me, and I climbed in.

Instead of taking the passenger's seat, she got in beside me. For a moment, I wonder how she knew where I lived.

"I've lived there since you first moved in. My mom and I brought brownies. I was five, you were six. I said hi, you smiled." Daisy said monotonously.

I blushed.

"Wow …I just don't remember," I frowned to myself.

(God, I'm smooth.)

"I figured you wouldn't." Daisy looked out her window absentmindedly. Her older sister put the car in drive, and snuck a glance at me.

"I'm just glad Daisy didn't pick you up at the Srarty," she smirked.

Daisy and I tensed. Her sister laughed.

"Come on, I could totally tell. It's like the OC. What else would a bunch of hormone crazy teens be doing in such a big house?" she snickered.

Daisy's face got slightly flushed.

"That one," she pointed to hide her face, and her older sister stopped.

I got out on my side, and smiled.

"Thank you Daisy, and…"

"…Elena," the older girl stuck out her hand to shake. "It's no problem. Don't be a stranger; I'm sure Daisy would love to have you over sometime!"

Daisy shrank in her seat. I smiled towards her, but she looked down, almost ashamed.

"Bye," I whispered, and Elena drove away.

At that moment, I did a reevaluation of my self-evaluation. I came to my final conclusion.

Sensitive…"my ass."

Mondo Jerk…"hell yeah."

A/N: New story from me! Yay, I hope you like it. This one isn't written from both personas, so you're gonna miss out on that, but It definately makes up for insight in humor!