on monday, detroit red wings defenseman, jiri fischer suffered a seizure on the bench, and his heart stopped. fischer had to be resuscitated by CPR and an auto defibrillator, because his heart had stopped. luckily for everyone on the team, and the fans, fischer is going to be okay. his hockey future is in doubt, but thankfully, his life isn't.

give and go.

a lifeline snapped and

fluttering in the wind,

a (terminal) heartbeat away from dying,

valuable time slipping away

like sands in an hourglass,

20,000 breaths lying in wait.

memories of mangled metal,

accordioned limousine hugging a tree.

a great one who could have been the best

cut down before his time,

flicker behind eyelids closed in prayer

as 20,000 stand as one,




a lifeline reconnected,

wayward ship anchored in the bay,

and unlike his fallen predecessor,

the young one escapes the fire


(and 20,000 let out one collective breath)