Try it baby, it won't last
It tears away your woes
Dope dead warriors sink the sin
The revolution comes in throes

Experimentation LSD
In the garage it made you sing
But without that back-break record deal
Punk rock could never find its wings

Lush livid wrist-slit behind closed doors
And a lack of apple juice
Cold sweat nightmares, good old days
Razor daydreams swallowed loose

Smoking watermelon happy grass
In the supermarket stoned
Talking nothing to the orange juice
And the lobsters sang alone

Drowning in the swimming pool
Making love to crack-cocaine
She was idolizing floaties
Lungs were wading through the pain

Incognito in the hospital
Not chocolate two percent but beer
But with throated neck tube H2O
How will they know why you're here

Puffing ashtray back in rehab
What nurse supports the contraband
But the old man nympho psycho-smile
Who feels the fairest in the land

Hallucinogenic stonehenge stars
Defiled the walrus in the walls
But with a fresh frontal lobotomy
She couldn't sense the fall

If nicotene gum won't cure the blues
The shrinks will drop you down the hole
Of all your demons vanquished for
The sake of giving up the soul