Author's Notes: Like I said…ironic title. This poem is written with the voice of hate, if hate were an actual person. The rhythm might seem a bit odd, but that's because it's a slam poem and it's meant to be performed.


Who am I?

Guess my name

I am the reason little girls grow old before their time

I rape angels

Tear their wings

And call them whores

Take birth control off health insurance, ban abortion

I steal the dreams from a young woman's pockets

Hiding as she buys her maternity clothes

I have no mercy

I have no conscience

I am reckless

And my victims are diverse

Single mothers see me shining in the eyes

Of everyone they look to

It was I

Who decided black skin was dirty

That the white man was the root of all evil

I decreed

That women were sluts if they wore their skirts too tight

And men were pimps

If they had four girlfriends at a time

I preach

That the sodomites will be cast down into the depths of hell

I declare their love perversion

And in my spare time

I wear a mask called patriotism

And lead the call to war

I dropped the atom bomb on Hiroshima

And for a while I lived in the concentration camps

Paving the way for the master race

I forged the bullets that killed Martin Luther King and Malcolm X

Picked the hemlock that Socrates drank

And I am the mindset behind the fall of the towers

And the end of life as we knew it

And if you haven't figured out who I am yet

I will declare you stupid


And unfit for normal society

Because I AM HATE

And I creep my way into your mind like second hand smoke

I married fear

And my children are

Distrust, greed, jealousy, bigotry and prejudice

I've been around since the beginning of time

And my one enemy is love

It is said that she conquers all

But she hasn't managed to defeat me yet

So I rest easy

And pit the human race against itself

A child playing with her chemistry set

And watching the explosions


And I dare love to try and conquer me


Respect are

The sound of church bells

Nails on a chalkboard to my ears

That's why I keep you silent


At each other's throats

Let the crimson life force flow

Cuz I subsist on the blood of dreamers

Muses and idealism suffocate

Underneath 6 feet of bloodstained earth


Well, there it is. When I was on the subway a few months ago, I saw a woman with the words "I HATE" carved into her left arm. I went home, cried for half and hour, then wrote this poem. I have never been more disturbed by anything in my whole life. I wanted to convey the extent to which hate has permeated our society. Please post a review and tell me what you think. It is food for the poet's soul : ) Peace