If you want your children to be intelligent, read them fairy tales. If you want them to be more intelligent, read them more fairy tales -Albert Einstein

Deeper meaning resides in the fairy tales told in my childhood than in any truth that is taught in life

Fairy Tales

Umm...hi? How are you doing? Good I hope. My name's Dacian and I'm 10 years old as of today. Yup! Today's my birthday even though my family doesn't celebrate it. Why? Because they don't like me. Never has. Never will. Ane-sama accidently blurt it out when I was 5 but I'm okay with it. Weird isn't it?

Oh good! It's 11 at night. Ane-sama's gonna come up here and tell me about her day in town!

Where's here you ask? A stone tower of our castle. Yes. I'm a member of royalty even though no one...and I mean no one has ever seen me before. Except ane-sama, tou-sama, and kaa-sama but she's dead. Ane-sama's the heir to the kingdom since she's older than me and tou-sama despises me. I never found out why though. Ane-sama wouldn't tell me any more after she blurted it out.

There was a knock on the wooden door.

"Come in." I said.

The door creaked open and ane-sama was there. She was in a white sleeveless turtleneck and a grey mini skirt. She wore a pair of silvery blue boots which reached up to her knees. I always wondered why she wore those sort of clothes. She held out a basket which had been hidden underneath her black cloak she always wore. She walked towards me and hugged me tightly. I hugged her in return.

She felt cold and tired. How did I know? I could sense auras. She was very cold today. Probably because she was walking in the cold winter air with only thin clothes that hardly can make her warm. She was always the strange one of the family....

"I missed you ototou-chan." she muttered in my ear. I smiled. She may be cold but she makes me feel warm inside.

"Me too, ane-sama."

She handed me the basket which I saw was filled with cookies and a jug of hot cocoa. Ooooh. Chocolate chip. I munched on one before I realized she had released me from her hug. She snapped her fingers and the chair in my room appeared behind her as she sat down. I clapped silently. I loved it when she used her magic.

"You remember Titania right?" she asked.

I nodded. Titania was one of ane-sama's friends who was a peasant in the town nearest to the castle. She had brown hair with dark brown eyes. She lived near the forest actually where wolves and bears lived. I was actually suprised that her family hadn't been eaten yet. Not that that was what I wanted. I was just surprised.

"You know how Titania loves red things ever since her kaa-san died? And how her sisters hate her?"

I nodded. Who doesn't? Her mother had died and the only thing she gave to her was a red cloak with a hood. She wore it everywhere. And I mean everywhere. Her older sisters and some of the boys in town tease her for it. I actualy pity Titania. Her sisters had gotten jewelry while she got a cloak. I sighed. Oh well. You can't change the past can you?

"Her sisters tricked her into going to her grandma's house which, as you know, is on the other side of the forest, in Manzarna."

My eyes widen. Ane-sama must have noticed because she quickly said, "Oh don't worry. She survived only because I was there with her. Only I was watching over her up in a tree. I can't believe her sisters. They were laughing their heads off. Turns out her grandmother wasn't sick but Titania's sister told her that she was and needed her to visit her and bring her some sweet cake and cider so their grandmother will feel better."


"Oh Titania! Come here will you dear?!"

A brunette girl with dark brown eyes came into the kitchen. She had on a white peasant dress and a red cloak with a hood. She looked innocent and looked at her two older sisters who were glaring at her but she didn't notice.

"You know how obaa-san is sick right?" the oldest one said.

"Obaa-san is sick?" Titania asked, surprised.

"Oh you didn't know? Tsk tsk Titania. Well...we need you to go Manzarna to give her the sweet cake and cider." the middle one said, thrusting the basket of the said foods into Titania's arms.

"But it would take two days to go there." Titania protested, not noticing that she was being pushed out of the cottage she and her sisters lived in. Their father were somewhere on a business trip to Gnight.

"Idiot. Just go through the forest."

"But there are...."

"Wolves and bears? Do you want obaa-san to die, Titania?"

"Well no...."

"Then go on Titania. Remember not to stray off the path!" and the sisters ran off somewhere that wasn't in the cottage.

Titania casted a worried look at the forest and inhaled. She exhaled and went inside. Luckily...a certain princess was there to observe what happened.

"Pathetic sisters." she muttered and vanished into mist.


Titania was walking along the dirt path in which sticks and stones were everywhere.

"You alright here?" a voice from somewhere asked.

Titania jumped and looked around. She saw no one however.

"Up here Tita-chan...."

Titania looked up at the tree near her. Her expression brighten. It was the princess.

"Kia-chan!" she exclaimed happily. "Whatcha doing here?"

The said girl smiled. "Watching over you. So you won't get killed by wolves or bears."

"Are you coming with me to obaa-san's, Kia-chan?"

Kia frowned at that. "Tita-chan, your obaa-san's not sick. It was a cruel trick by your sisters to get you killed by wolves here."

Titania sniffed. "B-but...why would they do that?!" and she started crying.

Kia winced. 'Shouldn't have been so blunt. You know how Tita-chan is. Very...very very sensitive!' "Well...don't worry. Now that I'm here, you won't die now would you?"

Titania stopped crying and a smile came across her face. "Right! But I wanna...."

"Well well well. What do we have here?"

Titania and Kia tensed. A wolf had appeared in front of them. Kia silently cursed. She hadn't sense him at all. Damn. Titania looked up at Kia in fear. Kia placed a finger in front of her lips. Titania nodded and looked back at the grey wolf.

"What were you looking at little one?" the wolf asked.

"Just looking at the bird that had just flew away." Titania lied. She made it sound real though.

"Haven't your mom tell you stories about the wolves here?"

"She died when I was little."

"I'm SO sorry to hear that. Nice cloak you have. Red?"


"Blood red too. I love that color. Don't you?"

"I'm more in favor of ruby red instead."

"But why ruby?"

"My favorite gem. And how about you?"

"Me what my dear?"

"Why do you like blood red?"

"Because it reminds me of my favorite thing. Blood." and the wolf pounced on Titania only he yelped out in pain as blood poured out from his side. Titania smiled lightly as she knew it was Kia who had saved her. The princess jumped down from the tree, a fire ball in her hands.

"Hands off my friend wolf." Kia ordered.

The wolf growled at the young princess. "Mind your own business girl. Your family wouldn't want their daughter killed now would they?"

Kia glared at the wolf and threw the fire ball at the wolf. The wolf dodged it but didn't anticipate the fact that he would be frozen stiff when Kia had threw an ice ball at him. Apparently, the fire ball was a distraction. Titania hurried over to Kia and hid behind her. They looked at the ice sclupture which was the wolf. Kia walked over to it and kicked it. Hard. The ice began to break and it disappeared into tiny chunks. The wolf dropped to the ground.

"Is it dead?" Titania asked nervously.

"Yes. The ice was at a very low temperature. It froze the wolf to death." Kia replied smoothly. Then she turned to Titania. "Wanna go to your grandma's house now?"

Titania smiled. "Sure!"


I smiled. "So the wolf died?"

Ane-sama nodded. "Yup! I didn't wanna scare Tita-chan away by throwing a light ball at the creature so I threw an ice ball instead."

I nodded in agreement. The light ball was a powerful element. If she had threw it, it would have caused the wolf's flesh to be exposed and Titania, who was only 8, probably couldn't handle it. I finished my cookie and dove for the hot cocoa. I sipped it and sighed happily.

Ane-sama laughed softly. "I see you still love hot cocoa."

I nodded furiously and continued drinking the cocoa. It made me feel as warm inside as ane-sama did to me.

"Hm...it's 1. I better go Da-chan. I'll see you tomorrow." and ane-sama got up and hugged me before leaving. "I'll bring more hot cocoa next time." and the door silently closed.

I smiled. Being with ane-sama was my favorite moment of the day. I sighed happily again and continued drinking my delicious drink. I wonder how they make it.... Maybe I should have told ane-sama to bring some chocolate bar next time. Even though minors weren't suppose to eat chocolate....

I always wrote down what ane-sama say when she was up here and this time was no different. I looked out the window as I wrote. The snow fell silently to the ground. I smiled. It was cold yet innocent all at the same time. I loved it.