A/N: The Cinderella story here is the real version. Before it was turned into the Disney version.

When the legends die, the dreams end; there is no more greatness -Unknown(To me. Forgot the name)

Deeper meaning resides in the fairy tales told in my childhood than in any truth that is taught in life

Fairy Tales

I scretched out my legs. I had been sitting in a very uncomfortable position for the last half hour. I hadn't really noticed until now. Maybe cause I was trying to ignore all the happy noises outside down in the courtyard. When I had looked out the balcony earlier, I saw kids from other kingdoms and palaces. I had immediately knew that there was a ball or something like that going on.

I looked out the balcony once more. The snow was still falling but there were kids still out on the courtyard despite the fact of the cold air. I sighed. I know that I can never go out and play with the other kids. I heard the old bell tower ring.


And it continued this for 20 times. Then I knew it was 8. The sky had fallen dark but snow was still falling. It had been snowing since this morning actually.

"When's the snow gonna stop!?!?" I yelled out loud. I quickly covered my mouth, forgetting that the people below in the courtyard could hear me.

"Hey. Did you hear that?" I heard someone from below say.

"Didn't you know? There's a ghost living up in that tower." I heard a male voice answer. I'm guessing they were talking about me....

"Really?!" Now that sounded like a girl.

"Yes! I heard that he got stuck in there and he's now haunting that tower and killing whoever goes up there." the boy stated. Okay....I am not gonna kill whoever's coming up here!

"Who said something about a ghost?" My ears perked up. I recognized the voice as ane-sama.

"Oujo-sama!" I heard the kids exclaim.

"So what were you talking about? Something about a ghost up there?"

"Yea! I heard it from my kaa-san. She said that no one goes up there because it was haunted!"

I felt ane-sama smile a little. "Really. Well...I'm gonna go up there to see." I swear she had winked at my direction.

"Oujo-sama! No!" the kids yelled.

I laughed. It was so much like ane-sama to do something like this. She may act cold in front of adults but she's caring to children. The door creaked opened and slammed shut. I turned around to see ane-sama. She had a wide grin on her face as she headed towards the middle of the room.

"Oujo-sama! Are you alright?!" one of the kids in the courtyard screamed.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Oh no! The ghost! It got me! Get away from me! I have nothing of value! Nooooooooo!! Kids, don't tell anyone! The ghost will go after you guys later!" Ane-sama yelled. She was standing there in the room however, doing nothing but pretty much scaring the kids below.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!" the kids yelled but I heard no running.

"Don't worry. I'm fine! The ghost is holding me captive however. He promised that he shall let me go at 11. Don't worry!"

"How do you know?!"

Ane-sama winked at me. "It's alright! Just keep playing. You'll see! I'll come back at 11!"

"Okay then oujo-sama!" and I heard screams of laughter and delight afterwards.

"Ane-sama!" I said.

She smiled and took off her cloak. I noticed the change in her usual outfit. She wore a sleeveless silver colored blouse where the collar was a low V and there was a pair of dark blue shorts that were very short underneath the white skirt that reached to her knees. She wore a pair a light blue gloves that reached to her elbow but it wasn't tight and a pair of black boots that reached to her ankle. Her hair was tied in a braid with a white ribbon at the bottom. She pulled the ribbon and tied it around her neck like a choker. The braid fell out and draped over her shoulders.

"So what happened at the party?" I asked.

She handed me a jug of hot cococa and a basket of sugar cookies. "Nothing much. Talked about politics and such."

I blew the top of the drink and gently sipped it, savoring the taste. "I sensed love coming from some of the boys you talked to tonight."

Ane-sama's eyes widen. "How could you tell?"

I knew she was referring to how I knew who was who. "I looked out the window. You were being followed by your fanclub again ne?"

"Yea. Oh. I met up with Lix."

"Lix?" I repeated.

"Calixtie. Remember? The girl who married into the royal family of the kingdom of Tikeso." Ane-sama reminded.

"Oh! Calixtie-san. She was the daughter of a merchant right?" I sipped my drink again.

Ane-sama looked at me. "Now I want some." She snapped her fingers and a jug of hot cocoa was in her hands. She sipped it and sighed happily. "Warm...good on a winter night." and she drank some more.

"So what did you and Calixtie-san talk about?"

Ane-sama looked up from her drink, raising an eyebrow. "Da-chan, you're too polite."

"Ane-sama...." I said in a sort-of whining tone.

"Okay. Okay. So...we were talking about her step-mother and step-sisters. Remember them?"

"Oh yea. Of course. I remembered you telling me about them once when you were going to visit Calixtie-sa--I mean Calixtie-chan."

"Yup! Did I ever tell you how exactly did Hidea-kun chose Lix?" she asked. I shook my head. "Well...it's a pretty long story so get in a comfortable position cause I don't think that's comfortable."

I looked at how I was sitting and silently agreed. I sat crossed legged on my sort-of comfortable bed and looked at ane-sama.

She smiled. "Alright. This was three years ago. In the town near the castle of Tikeso....."


"Calixtie! You missed a spot right here you idiot!"

A young girl with blonde hair and eyes blue came into view. She was wearing a white peasant dress with a brown apron and a white cap over her hair. Her face was dirty from washing the floor of the house where she, her step-mother, and step-sisters lived in. Her father was a rich man who was on a trip to a far away town.

"What is it?" Calixite asked.

"Idiotic brat. You missed a spot on the floor." the step-mother spat at her.

"Yes kaa-san." Calixtie muttered and went on scrubbing the floor while glaring at her so call "mother". Calixtie snorted at that. Mother? Yea right. More like demon.

The step-mother walked out of the room/hallway wherever she was, leaving Calixtie alone there, scrubbing the floor. Oh if Calixtie can only just kill her...and the sisters...oh how life would be right now. While she was thinking of using something involving poison and blindfolds, a bell interrupted her thoughts.

"Get the freaking door Calixtie you brat!!" she heard one of her step-sisters shout from their room. Calixtie stood up, muttering something between the lines of "I'll show you a brat". She stopped in front of the door and pulled it open. On the other side was a man who handed her a letter. It was sealed with a stamp with the royal seal on it. The man tipped his hat and walked off, galloping away on his horse. Calixtie closed the door, looking at the letter. At that point, her step-sisters and step-mother chose that time to enter.

"Whatcha got there idiot?" the oldest step-sister, Tsunimi, snatched it out of her hands and ripped the letter open. Her eyes scanned the words and her lips curved to a smile. She squealed.

"What?! What is it Tsunimi?!" the younger one, Tsuyumi, exclaimed, excited for some reason.

"There will be a festival! For three nights! The prince will be there to choose a bride!" Tsunimi squealed.

She sounds like a pig.... Calixtie thought, smirking at the analogy.

"Idiotic brat, you shall help us get ready!" Tsuyumi ordered, pointing at Calixtie.

Calixtie rolled her eyes. "Yes Tsuyumi-sama." She was saying it sarcastically but, because her family's so thick, they didn't notice.


"Oh please. Can't I go to the festival?" Calixtie begged.

"I have emptied a dish of lentils into the ashes for you, if you have picked them out again in two hours, you shall go with us."

Calixtie walked out to the courtyard and called out,

"You tame pigeons, you turtle-doves,

and all you birds beneath the sky,

come and help me to pick

the good into the pot,

the bad into the crop."

Then the birds came and picked and picked until they finished. Then they flew off and all the good ones were in the pot. She picked up the pot and walked to her step-mother.

"Here. I picked them. Now can I go?" Calixtie asked bitterly.

"No. You have no dress and you shall be laughed at." and she laughed to prove her point. Then after a minute, she stopped. "Only when you picked two pots of lentils in an hour will you be able to go." and she walked off, muttering about step-children wasting her precious beauty time. Calixtie scoffed. What beauty? But none the less, the young girl really wanted to go to the festival and so...she walked out to the courtyard and said....

"You tame pigeons, you turtle-doves,

and all you birds beneath the sky,

come and help me to pic

the good into the pot,

the bad into the crop."

And the same thing happened and the birds were done in under an hour. She picked up the pot and slammed the pot on the table, in front of her "mother".

"There. I did it. Now can I go?"

"Oh I'm sorry Calixtie but all this won't help. You still can't go."

"You evil little...."

"And now we shall go while you stay here." and the step-mother walked off with her real children. You can imagine that Calixtie really wanted to strangle them right now....

She walked to the tree in which she had planted near her real mother's grave. She cried out, "Shiver and quiver, little tree, Silver and gold throw down over me."

A beautiful dress came down from the tree, gold and slippers made with silver and gold. Calixtie smirked and put it on. "Let's see if I can't go now!"

When she arrived, her step-family didn't even recognize her for she looked utterly different and beautiful. All the girls stared as Prince Hidea walked over to Calixtie and kissed her gentlely on the white silk glove over her hand.

"This is the girl I shall dance with." and that they did. They danced til evening in which Calixtie ran off but Prince Hidea wouldn't let her.

"Please stay." he pleaded.

Calixtie looked at him solemnly but none the less, ran off. The prince ran after her but didn't catch her.

On the second day, when her step-family had gone once more, Calixtie went to the tree once more and said the same ryhme. The birds dropped a even more beautiful dress than last night down on her and she put it on. She went to the festival and the same thing happened as before. The prince danced with her and when evening came, Calixtie ran off. Prince Hidea would run after her but never could find her for she was already at home.

Finally, on the final third day, Calixtie went to the festival with an even more beautiful dress than ever and danced with Hidea. However, this time, when she ran off, her left gold slipper got stuck on the staircase. Prince Hidea took it and declared that the girl who fits this slipper will become the girl he shall marry.

When the prince arrived at Calixtie's house, Tsunimi tried it on first. However, her toe was too big. Her step-mother grabbed a knife and cut it off.

"You won't need to walk when you become queen. Now go try that shoe!"

Tsunimi put on the shoe and rode on the carriage with Prince Hidea. However, when they passed by the hazel tree located at the grave, two birds cried out...

"Turn around, turn around,

There is blood seeping to the ground.

That is not the one you seek.

Your true bride is waiting for you."

Hidea turned and indeed blood was coming from Tsunimi's shoe. They turned around and dropped Tsunimi off.

"Let me try the second daughter." Hidea ordered.

Tsuyumi tried but her heel was too big. The step-mother grabbed the knife and cut the heel off. Tsuyumi cried loud and her mother slapped her across the face.

"Shut up you brat. You won't need to walk as much when you're queen. Now hurry and don't screw up like your no good sister did." her mother spat harshly.

"Yes mother." and Tsuyumi hurried off. This time, her foot fit and she was on the carriage with the prince to the castle.

Once again, when they were near the tree, the birds sang the song and Hidea looked back and saw blood coming from her shoe. He growled in frustration as he'd been fooled twice and turned back and dropped Tsuyumi off.

"Stop fooling me. Is there any one else here?" he demanded.

"No your highness. No one else." the step-mother stuttered out.

Calixtie growled and came from the kitchen. "There's still me, mother dear...."

Her "mother" snarled at her but didn't do anything as Hidea was still there. "What's your name?"

"Calixtie my prince." She curtsyed. "Prehaps I should try on the slipper."

"Don't be silly, daughter. You weren't exactly there remember?" the mother reminded.

Calixtie smirked. Oh the chance to make her mother seem like a fool. She slipped her foot in the slipper and it fit. Hidea smiled and kneeled before her, taking out a ring.

"You are the one. Will you marry me and rule by my side?" he asked.

Calixtie smiled and nodded happily and excitedly. The two went out to the carriage and passed the tree. The birds sang as well.

"That is the true bride.

The one who is for you.

Get ready for the wedding,

Where the two of you shall say 'I do'."

The next day, Calixtie and Hidea married and the two lived happily ever after. Sort of. Tsuyumi and Tsunimi had come to the wedding only to have the birds peck their eyes, making them blind. The mother was left alone at the house while the father was still unknown of the events happening back at his hometown.


My eyes widen. Yes it had a happy ending but still...It was sort of...dark? I didn't know what word describe the story that ane-sama had just told me.

"Wow...." I managed to whisper out. "That was....horrible?"

Ane-sama nodded. "Sort of." She set her mug on the dresser in the tower. So she finished it already? I wasn't even done yet! "So Da-chan I was wondering if you'd--"

"Sakka-sama! Where are you?! We need you back to sign something!!!!"

Ane-sama looked at the time. It said 10. "Shit!!!! I better go before they send out the guards to search for me. I'll come back tomorrow!" and she ran out the door so quickly that I didn't know it until the cloud of dust was gone.

"Uhh...." I shook my head. Suddenly, my ears perked up when I heard someone's voice.

"Sakka-sama!!!!" I heard a scream which sounded oddly like ane-sama and a crash to the ground that was about the weight of two person.

"Aikou-chan! Get off meeeeeee!!!!" I grinned as I recognize who was the one who had scream out ane-sama's name. It was Aikou-san, a servant who worked at our castle and was best friend with ane-sama. She was a girl who wasn't afraid to speak her own mind and enjoy glomping ane-sama, much to her dismay though. Aikou-san was the only servant who doesn't call ane-sama "oujo-sama."

"Sorry Sakka-sama but your father need you to sign something!" I can actually feel her bouncing up and down down below.

"Fine. Let's go."

"Great!" and I'm pretty sure that Aikou-san was dragging ane-sama off to the throne room.

I walked over to my desk and pulled open one of the drawers. I took out a notebook which was the book which I record everything that my sister tell me about the outside world. I began writing what she said down as I didn't want it to be forgotten. As I wrote, I looked outside. The snow was still falling and the full moon shone down on everything. I sighed. It was indeed a beautiful sight and I was sure that ane-sama would want to paint such a beautiful scene.

"Maybe one day...I will fall freely...."

I knew it won't come true but I can always dream.......