A/N: here we are again, and yet again it is another homework assignment, but this time I think I'm going to take it a little farther. One by one I'm going to be posting the journal entries that we were suppose to be writing, in-between I'll be adding my own entries as I see fit. I'll add more if anyone reads this or by some off chance likes it, then I'll have more and more entries, but I suppose that is how it always works. For the assignment we were all given a role card, I was given Seamus McBrien, a 53 year old Roman Catholic leaving Ireland. I was given other information but I hope, that in my journals I will not only stay historically correct, but I will also be able to tell you more about him. But first here is what is happening:


In 1815, the need for change was evident, in all of Europe, the population was growing and the need for expansion was a growing priority. Large amounts of settlers started moving, people left what they had in search of more. Ireland was especially hit, years of famine and war had left the people needed to leave. The prospect of a New World seemed to be heaven sent. Woodstock was where the McBrien family was headed and a new life was there waiting for them, it's much to bad that what the government told them about the development of the new land was so misinformed to what it was really like.

Okay, it's better then it sounds, I promise so what do you guys say, do you want to see the journals of a made of man? I hope so.