I'll Wait For You by writerforever

Dedicated to my future wife.

Two hearts in love

Two bodies longing to entwine

Two passions ready to ignite

Two souls trying to stay strong

We approach each other

But pull back quickly


My fleshly lust is consuming me

I reach out for you

But then I step back

We both know that we shouldn't

Deep down we know we must stay true to Him

Until that day when we will finally say the vows


The longing to touch you though

Is so overwhelming

The longing to feel you beneath me is overpowering


But just as I begin to respond to those feelings

A loud voice cries out in my soul

"Wait, just wait. In the end you will be rewarded," He says

I realize then that I must wait

For my Friend and Saviour longs for me to wait


So I'll wait for you my love

I'll wait for that day when we will truly be one

I'll wait to touch your skin

I'll wait to kiss your lips

I'll wait until that day when we will take the vows

I'll wait for you