IBy Remy Chartier

(Man): I'll be the one beside you,

Strong and faithful,

I'll love you more each passing day.

While you are with me,

I can promise

I will never lead you astray."

(Man): "Often I catch you smiling

Looking at me

I thought I knew what you can't say

We've grown so close now

But as time passes,

Your feelings warm, then ebb away."


(Woman): "What is it I must do now?

Do I feel for him the way he feels for me?

I say one thing and then another

What is my heart telling me?

I know he sees my pain

But am I to blame?

I hurt him yet he stays by me."


(The Doubt): "I am the doubt within you

The silent darkness

For lust he says those words of gold

If you dare believe in that bliss

He will defile you

And leave you broken in the cold."

(Lust): "I am the lust within you,

Dark and shameful

Give in to me and you will fall.

The touch of lips on your skin

You dare to enjoy?

Best bury me again and cease it all."


(Woman): I don't know what I feel now

I care for him and yet I shy away

His touch seems sincere yet it haunts me,

And I sadden him more with each day.

Are these fears so true?

Why can't I see through

This dark vail and feel free?"


(Woman): I hate this doubt within me

Am I to blame?

I'm more trouble than I'm worth.

He wants the same thing from me

Like all the rest

Our love will never have its birth.

(Doubt): "You've done the right thing darling,

Now you are safe

He can't hurt what he cannot have."

(Lust): The feelings deep within you,

keep them buried,

You've eluded his ensnaring trap."


(Woman): I tell him all we'll be is friends"

But still he stands beside me patiently."

(Man): I can't give up on what I feel for you,

Seing your smile can set me free."

(Woman): "You deserve more than my fear."

(Man): "so why are you still here?

Why do I see a tear?"


(Woman): " why do I stay here?"

(Man) "For friends, we talk and act so close."

(Lust): you are unclean!)"

(Doubt): "He'll drag you down!"

(Woman): "I say I can't, but yet I do.

Oh Lord help me find the truth!"

(Man): "I'll make you happy."

(Woman): "Is he really all he seems to be?"

(Lust): "you are impure!"

(Doubt): "He lies to you!)"

(Man): "Am I so wrong for her? Have I failed?

Oh lord, what more can I do?"


(Reason): "I am the voice of reason

the light that guides you

I tell you now that you can trust.

Never before have you felt,

So comfortable with

A man who sees more than your flesh."

(Reason): "The desire you act upon

Is not a crime

But a blessing from above.

Affection draws you closer

When more than just lust

Even in the first stage of love."