"Newbies?! Now? Were in the trimester of schooling!" the head coordinator ranted.

"Don't have kittens, okay Al? Pur is taking responsibility for them." Heaven sighed, nipping at the cooling tea in the fragile tea cup.

"Hey! Don't let that mangy thing on the counter! HEY!!!" a voice howled in the distance.

"Eh, speaking of kittens; what is the deal with all the bloody animals?" Allan sighed grumpily, folding his arms at the nutcases in higher authority.

"They live in the city Al. they need little fur balls to lighten their lives." Heaven smiled. Kids; what're ya gunna do?


"And this? Well this Grand Foyer of Stairs. It leads to the rooms- But enough of my talking," Purgatory grinned, eyeing the Dining Room.

"Thank God…" B thought with a headshake.

"I can safely bet my pocket change you guys might enjoy a bite to eat with the other kids, eh?" her assumption was rewarded with tired smiled and one-

"Hell yeah!" from Wrench. Who in turn was rewarded with one smack from Jo.

The rag tag gang was led into a large room that dwarfed them completely. No, this wasn't a dining room; it served more justice to call it a banquet hall.

"…holy shi-" Wrench began, stopped by B giving him a sharp peck on the wrist.

"Don't draw any more attention. Your clothes do that just fine in this place. Don't pick fights either brat."

"Sorry. I forgot B is for bitch." Wrench muttered back, earning a glare from Jo.

The whole monster of a room explodes into curious chatter from people of all kinds. Young, moderately old, ancient. You name it. They were sitting somewhere. Organized Chaos.

"Come, come. You get to sit at our table, being my students and all." The woman practically oozed cheeriness through every pore.

The table Purgatory stopped at was a bit smaller that the rest, and much more secluded. A kind looking woman sat there, pale blond hair hiding her face.

"Evening Purgatory. And who might these young ones be?" the woman asked, her voice a deep, soothing and pleasant sound to the ears.

"Josephine and Wrench. I think I'm finally going to sit down a really train somebody for the work we do." Pur explained like a child with a new toy.

"I'm sure." The woman said calmly, eyeing the two newcomers and pets a bit more slowly. "Of course they must be purified they stink heavily of the remainder of witches' power. But for now eat little ones. I know you've been through much. Welcome to the Inquisition."

"Yo, if you provide the bath we'll take the shower okay lady" Wrench replied in sardonically, missing the meaning completely.

The woman gave a little bell like chuckle and let her eyelids rest like porcelain shades rimmed with golden lashes.

"Sit down and rest. Pur, I'm surprised you let them in with such ease; usually you very…cold blooded towards newcomers." The woman showed a scrutinizing eye to Pur's irrationally, to test her determination. If it was an act of boredom, it would waste time and supplies. That would not be tolerated. All members must prove themselves the stragglers were no exception.

"They…are not a result of a whim Heaven. I truly want them to descend after me. I…just know-" Pur replied, feeling the challenge of her equal against her.

"Well then, shall we begin? Our dinner awaits!" A man sitting across form Heaven intervened, not wanting to hear Pur sound so unsure. After all, that was a huge step from the cold blooded bi-polar crazed bitch she usually was.

This innocent and caring behavior was not at all refreshing. A major shock to say the least.


"Won't they find you here if you stay like that?" Dru wondered as they walked the lavish royal blue hallways of the east wing.

"Yes this is true. That's why I'm going to have to change forms. This will only hurt for a second." The moriae smiled, clamping a bony hand on Dru's shoulder.

"Do you normally self coach-" the snippy comment ended in a pained scream of surprised pain as if her body broke it pieces and slammed back together.

"What are you doing to her!" Butler screamed, jolted by the sudden crumpling of Dru on the floor.

But the other woman was gone.

"Dru….DRU! are you okay? Talk to me." The kitten said, circling her worriedly.

"Ow…ow…" Dru muttered to her legs as she slowly unfolded from fetal position. "My head…"

"Figures. I come home to some bastard children runnin' around." A lazy voice remarked from above Dru's head making her spin in its direction. Expressionless, Dru stared into the eyes of a towering dark figure, dark brown coat sweeping the carpet carefully.

Eyes the color of dusty gold pierced like deadly weapons.

"Well? Aren't you going to explain why the hell you're in the Masters quarters? Should I have you whipped?" the man cooed in a very soft, non threatening way; very startling if you paid attention to the words he spoke.

"I was t-trying to f-find the…my cat wondered off andIwasjusttryingtocatchhim." Dru stammered shivering under the freezing gaze of the man's predator eyes.

"That could be the only truth left in the world, but I'll be damned before I let someone cross my path untested." The man finished with a bite to his words, pulling Dru by her hair.

"Hey, hey- slow down Hell. You just came back and your gunna torture more people so soon? Chill. Eat diner, for shit's sake. I know Pur and Heaven would love to see you after what- Eight months? Go and eat." A hyper woman blurted quickly, seeming to come out of nowhere.

"Woman. This is my fucking job-" Hell muttered, still giving in. "Fuck it. The girl's coming with me. I don't like the way she smells."

"I'm sure there's an explanation Helly boy! Now go and eat! And PLAY NICE!" Dru's savior continued painfully.

"Urch-" Dru gagged in pain at being dragged by her hair for god knows how long, down how many stairways and through however many rooms, whining and wincing all the way.

"What's your name?" Hell demanded, tugging her hair, as he meant business.

"Ow- It's Dru!!! DAMN YOU STOP PULLING MY HAIR!" the girl screeched, the sting of it getting to her last nerve.

The waves of chattering people grew silent as Dru realize she was not if fact not being dragged and in a very large and exquisite room. Brimming with people.

"HELL!!!!" Another voice yelped with delight.

"ENOUGH with the damn YELLING around here." Hell scowled, keeping an eye on the other new faces as he approached, sensing the girl was following.

"Hellion! It's been such a long damn time! Wha-"

" 'What' is right as in what the hell is this Pur? A god damn nursery crusade? These are shit stupid kids with absolutely no talent if I've ever witnessed it. Which. I. HAVE!" Hell growled, giving a disgusted snort at the site of the scrawny children. At this, the whole room became hushed in fear and curiosity.

"Hell! Come on! I know what I'm doing! You think I'm stupid?-" Pur retorted stonily, sobered by his outburst.

"Yes, Pur I think you're such an idiot, it's disgraceful. You think this is a fuckin' game!? You think this is cute? Well-"

"BASTARD! Don't you DARE talk down to me! Just because-"

"And don't you dare interrupt me. Let me give you a reality check sweetheart. I am justice. I am the Right Hand. I am THE EXECUTIONER! Cross me and kiss death. You pull another stunt like this and I will kill you on sight. Take these brats to the Pit-"

"HELL! We know who you are, but please show at least a little mercy." Heaven pleaded.

"Fine. Take them to Cellar number two and chain them to the fourth degree." Hell ordered coldly eyeing the glaring Purgatory.

"Hell, Purgatory. I think we need to have a private chat. Now." Heaven seethed, a bit annoyed at the escalading atmosphere.

"On second thought, we ought to train one of the little brats; so we can have someone smart in place of Pur." Hell added Ignoring Heaven's anger.

"Enough Hell. Come and talk to us, you've been away so long, you're all business and no love." Heaven sighed. Reprimanding Hell seemed hopeless. Like a torrent, the best you could do is try and suppress him.

"All's fair in love and war. Some even dare say the two are one and the same." Hell muttered, still exhausted from his trip, and angry that it took all of fifteen minutes for Purgatory to reel in a shit heap of trouble.

"Only an ass like you would say that." Pur grunted, still angry at Hell's position over her. One day she would rise up; and first head she would crush would be his.

"Oh? You're still not going to explain that little stunt to me? Because we all know damn well that those brats would not have been strangers if they had gone through the proper channels. We aren't a group of vigilantes." Hell sneered, roughly pushing past Pur to sit down, only admitting to himself that he was weary.

"Hell, Don't cuss me out for thinking ahead. At least let them stay in probation rooms and get rested. They don't have to stay." Pur crooned, leaning into Hell for a better effect.

"Get off me woman. You can do whatever the hell you want, but if they even cross my path without you nearby, they're dead." Hell finished with a glare of hatred as he pushed an angry Pur off of his shoulder.

Oh. Hell was going to pay. And she would make sure the 'brats' would do it, just to spite him.

"Dru, did that bastard touch in any way that I should be killing him for right now." Butler whispered, feeling the fur on his back raise.

"No." Dru sighed wearily as she struggled not to sway as she stood.

The room had grown loud again, and people continued talking, fueled by outburst and newcomers.

"That…is your sister? The one you were looking for?" Heaven asked slyly, sensing a bit of discord.

"I have no idea who that is, but that's not my sister. We still need your help- WRENCH!" Jo almost choked on her words, noticing that wrench was most grotesquely stuffing his face at the table.

"Oh, he's alright. Very well then. To be fair, the boy and the other girl are to be put under inspection. If they are truly not a threat, then they shall be let go. Josephine may be aloud the entry exam and only if she passes may she be let in. And she will be under Hell's jurisdiction until then." Heaven settled, ignored a horrified look from Pur and a twitch from Hell. "Now, to avoid any more discord, the guards can take those two to Hell's literary chambers right now."

"I'll deal with them right away ma'am." Hell sighed sarcastically, rising from his chair to follow the guards.

So what? He didn't really want to eat any ways.


Was this in the plan too? Couldn't Jo see the she needed her help? Yet she there she sat, all alone, swimming in heavy chains. The dark whispered maliciously as a small candle teased its power.

"Now. Before a go any further, why don't we check for any hexes of which you may need to be purged little one." A daunting voice whispered, the lighting in the room flicking to life.

Like she had any hexes to show these weirdos-

A tingle down her spine reminded her of the sad truth. Not only did she have a hex- but a blatant one.

But it wasn't her fault!

"Please, just let me go…I didn't mean any harm…" Dru trembled, trying to think of anything that might get her out of this mess.

"Hm. Why are you so scared? If you're not threat, the worst this can do is pinch."

"I said don't touch me you self righteous bastard!!!" the girl roared, breaking her chains and snarling.

"...mm hmm." Hell shrugged getting ready for an attack.

When the girl just crumpled unto the floor.

"Alright then. I suppose we'll just have to burn you little on-" Hell muttered, annoyed at getting hyped up for no reason.

" For the one of the bloodiest hands of the inquisition, your a trifle to stupid for me." An amused voice said from no where.

Hell would have retorted-

Had his world not gone black.


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