Bullets and bayonets

Collaboration, Forgotten and dispersed

An entire enigma of society's mask unraveled

Consequences cognate tears shed on gods behalf

God? Who is he but the clay we mould

Into the soothing shape of reality?

So great and so powerful yet held asunder

To watch his creation

Scream, starve, and screech

Society trampled under his name

The final solution, the Bloodbath

Celebrating the Roman holiday

Kneeling down for what?

The searing pain of the bayonet

Or the piercing pain of the bullet?

What difference does it make?

What's one less human on the face of the earth?

What's one more grave to humanity?

The teeming flaws racing through

Dying, dying ever so slowly

Trying to suck the marrow out of the dried up old bone

That we call Society

More so the dead degree

roman holiday- Enjoyment or satisfaction derived from observing the suffering of others