"Maybe you're not understanding me clearly," the man, my boss, said. "When I give an order, you follow it. No questions, no 'if's, 'and's, or 'but's."

"Yes, sir," I bowed slightly.

He turned his chair around, gazing out the two large window panes of his office. Light filtered through the room, lighting only partial areas.

"On the table is a one-way ticket to Mattia, scheduled to leave here at roughly three this afternoon. Make sure you're on the plane when it leaves. When you touch down, it will be approximately noontime there. A man will be looking for you then. Don't try to find him-- he'll find you. Is everything clear?"

"But--" I stopped myself shortly, knowing that I had just made a mistake. I kept my mouth shut to prevent myself from going any further.

"You're learning," the man said. "Go to Mattia, and you will find out everything you'll need to know."

I bowed again, then left the room, making sure to grab the plane ticket with me as I exited.

Mattia, here I come.