I watched you through my car window last night,
you were dancing with him on top of the stars.
I wondered where I went wrong.
The moon watches you twirl and dance in his arms,
the stars envy you and him.

What do you see in him?
Whatever happened to the love we shared?
Dont you remember, dear?
Those times where you'd stare into my eyes forever,
we'd run along the fields together;
hand in hand, together.
You were my sunshine, my light and day;
doesnt that mean anything to you?

He takes you up to the moon and across the milky way,
but I took you to my heart and soul.
He gives you all the riches,
but I gave you my unconditional love.
Tell me, which of us do you adore,
and which one of us do you lust?
We're not nothing, we're everything and anything;
Anything you want.

I'm sorry, my darling,
My love and my life,
but this is for your own good--
You did not appreciate me,
for you only wanted what you wanted and not needed,
but this is what you need.
For we can pour as much poison into eachother,
but only untintention seeps out.

Tonight you either live or die,
die with me or die with him,
Live with lust or die with love.
Tell me what you want.
Tell me what you want tonight.

Tonight is the night we find our meaning.
Tonight is the night.

Tonight we die, and die, and die.