AN: Just a quick note… this is about depression (and suicide)… it's not meant to offend, so if you find it so, then I'm sorry.

The Suicide Jumper-Chapter 1: Jump, Jump and Never Look Down

Letting her feet dangle from the edge, Sylvia grinned lopsidedly, suddenly finding everything funny. She wasn't very high up, only about a story or so, but from that height, everyone below her looked slightly smaller, making the teenage girl feel like she owned each and every stranger that walked past. She had no idea why she had climbed on top of Mrs. O'Leery's roof. Maybe it was because she was insane. Or maybe because she wanted to jump again, and Mr. Thomas wouldn't have been so friendly if she did so from his shop's roof.

Sylvia laughed as she remembered the look on Mr. Thomas's face when she landed in his garden. It wasn't like he was the one who had broken a couple of ribs, was it?

Looking up at the overcast sky, she sighed, then stood up, careful to balance on the ledge. There was no one walking on the sidewalk now, and Sylvia was sure that Mrs. O'Leery was now probably watching Days of Our Lives again, so it seemed like the perfect time to take the leap.

Stretching her arms out in the normal way, Sylvia paused, frowning. It wasn't like she was having any dobuts-she'd done this heaps of times before. The science block at school, her own house, the local fruit-mart. The same kind of places, and the same kind of things. She'd flap out like a bird, hold her head up, and jump. Once she had walked away from the whole thing feeling very, very sore. For all the other times, she ended up with various differently broken bones. Her doctor said that she was lucky with just that, but never had she'd done the one thing she wanted to do:

Kill herself.

Maybe, maybe she should try jumping from taller buildings. Sylvia bit her lip, and looked down at her old, scruffy Mary Janes. The truth was that she could never bring herself to do it. The most she had ever jumped was fourteen feet, she couldn't imagine going any higher. Besides, she reasoned. There was more thrill in jumping off at shorter distances.

Face facts, sneered a little voice inside her. You're too much of a wimp to even end it all. Way to go, loser.

"I'm not a loser" Sylvia muttered firmly. And to prove her point, she closed her eyes and stepped off the edge.

Jake just watched his walking feet, watched the way his white sneakers crunched against the pavement. Things had been so boring at home, April had things to do, his friends said they'd be around later, and Janet had been on the phone so he decided to go for a walk.

Barely even registering where he was, Jake just kept on going, hoping for some strange reason, that something interesting would just… oh, he didn't know… drop out of the sky.

He had only taken a few more steps after making that wish, when something did drop out of the sky…

And landed on him.

Whatever it was flattened him completely: He connected with the ground side on, the thing that had fallen on him going down as well, giving weight to the fall. Landing with a painful slap, Jake yelped, throwing out his arm to stop his head from cracking. For a few minutes, all Jake could do was lay there, closed eyes, praying that the pain he was feeling all over was just going to be a bruise and not an entire, broken, body. When he realized that he was still alive, he opened his eyes to see what had jumped on him.

Looking into a pair of doleful, black eyes Jake felt a jolt course through his (now very sore) body. The girl, with long, dark curls spread out around her face just sighed, and rested her chin against his chest. "Sorry," She murmured, not making any signs that she was going to get off him.

"Th-that's great" Jake stuttered, flinching with each word. If the pain wasn't a sign that he hadn't died, he was sure that being this calm wouldn't have been an option. "Can-" He hissed in his breath, but tried to continue. "Can you… get off me?"

Sylvia just blinked, then without a word hopped up on her feet. Crossly, she examined herself, counting only a few bruises and scratches. The boy, whoever he was, had cushioned her fall, probably coping the nastiest part of it himself. Dusting off her hands, she sighed and held one out to him. He looked at it warily, then up at her, frowning lightly. Slowly, he took it, and with a little effort, he was standing up.

"Sylvia Allen" Jake glanced down at the girl, who was looking up at him expectantly, then frowned again, rubbing the back of his neck. "Jake Hastings" He offered, shifting around on his feet, testing how much it hurt to move.

She nodded like it was what she expected, then, hesitating, said, "I'm really sorry about landing on you". Giving a fake laugh she joked, "I guess I should have tried to aim a little further"

"Yeah" Jake agreed, suddenly angry. He was caning all over and he had a game tomorrow. "You should have. What the hell were you trying to do? Commit suicide?"

Rolling her eyes, Sylvia scoffed. "Duh" She said "That's normally why people jump off totally random buildings" Seeing his disbelieving expression, she asked innocently, "What? Did you think I was learning how to fly?"

Jake's jaw must have been hitting the ground. This chick was insane! Managing to find his voice, he spluttered, "W-why the hell would you do that?"

Fiddling with a small hole in her pink cardigan, Sylvia just shrugged, looking away. "I dunno. Maybe I don't like life the way it is? Maybe I just want see how many ants I can squash? Maybe I'm insane?" Here, she glared up at him defiantly. "You tell me"

The boy, Jake, just continued to stare at her through his sandy blond locks, frowning. She sniffed, and glanced at him, but turned her vision back down to the ground after seeing his hard expression.

"You're stupid if you think that jumping off a twelve foot building is going to fix anything" Tone cool, Jake stared at Sylvia hard. "Have you tried talking to anyone?"

Looking at him like he was crazy, she only muttered, "Why bother? They all think I'm nuts anyway"

Jake just raised an eyebrow. "Ok," He started calmly. Over the shock of having interfered in a suicide, Jake was letting more of his mum take over than what he would have liked. "Maybe you are. Maybe you aren't. But how is jumping helping?"

"It's… it's…" She broke off and looked at him helplessly. "It's… not"

He nodded, glancing quickly at his watch and frowning when he found it had cracked. Still, it worked, and according to the time April should have finished her hunting spree, and be home by now. Maybe he should swing round until the guys dropped by? Clearing his throat Jake looked down at the girl that had fallen on him and started to move backwards, cursing as a sharp pain shot up his thigh. "Look, it's been nice having you land on me and everything, but I have to go now-"

"WAIT!" In a panic, Sylvia grabbed the sleeve of his shirt, holding on tightly. For some reason, she didn't want him to go. He was interesting and didn't ignore her like the others. She wanted him to stay. Biting her lip, she glanced up at him, then down. "Can, you, can I… Can I hang with you?" For good measure she threw in, "Please?"

He did not need this. He did not need this, this, this little girl pouting at him. He had friends, he had a life, and she…

She probably had nothing.

Jake sighed, then with a quick glance around the street, gave in. "Fine. Just… don't do anything funny"

Sylvia brightened and hugged his arm. "Thanks!"

Sighing again Jake wondered whether this was such a good idea after all.