Sometimes We Fall by writerforever

On this journey through life

I find myself tempted and tried

Sometimes I want to give in

Other times I feel the strength of God within me

And I'm able to resist

But when I falter just a little

When I turn from Him just a little

I find myself straying

I find myself giving in to temptation and sin

I find myself hurting the One Who loves me so


In the end I'm left completely alone

I have tasted sin

And it has taken its toll on me

I'm battered and broken

Heartbroken and bleeding


With no one left to turn to

I run to You

I'm afraid You won't take me back

I'm afraid You don't love me anymore


I fall before Your feet

Unable to look upon Your beautiful face

I cry to You

I tell You everything

Even though You already know


As I wait for Your rejection

As I wait for You to punish me severely

You suddenly reach out

And squeeze my heart

These words You whisper in my soul:

You have sinned

You have turned from me

You have fallen

But remember that no matter how many times you fall

Remember that no matter how many times you may hurt me

Always remember that no matter what

I love you just as I always have

And as I always will

And I'm going to be waiting here

With a hand of forgiveness and love

To welcome you back to me


Sometimes we're going to find it hard

Sometimes it's going to be tough to walk for Jesus

But we must remember that when we walk

We're always going to fall time and time again

But He loves us just the same

Don't give up hope

Because even though you may have fallen

Even though you may be down on the ground

He wants to help you

He wants to help you walk again