The Angels Came Tonight

The room was tiny.

Almost completely empty. Bare walls and bare floor. Not even a carpet.

Of course, it wasn't completely empty.

I was there.

Stretched out, my back against the floor.

My hands crossed on my chest.

My mind drifted lazily from one hazy thought to the other. Like a butterfly. Flutter here, flutter there, everywhere in the summer air.

It's fun being a corpse.


The muffled sound disturbed me.

What the.....?

I raised my head from the floor.

Another. Closer this time.

Then I realized.

I smiled.

I got to my feet, swaying a little. The walls swayed with me, crowding closer, then further away. I smiled reassuringly at them.

"Aw, poor walls. Are you scared too?" I tilted my head, stroking the moist cement. "No need, my dear. No need at all."

Laughing, I walked to the window. It was sealed shut, of course.

The December night lay before me. The stars beckoned invitingly.

Another bang. With it, sounds.

"You goddamn filthy whore, how dare you talk to me like that, you bitch-"

I shook my head slowly. Such tragedy, so late in the day. It was really too bad.


A voice.

I turned, puzzled.

Jake stood in the doorway, his face pale. Tears slowly sliding down.

"Maddy." He repeated.

Jake is my brother. He looks up to me. God knows why.

"It's so awful, Maddy."

I sighed. "She deserves it, Jake. You know that."

He blinked. "I know, but.....still....."

I noticed his glasses were askew and straightened them. "Go back to bed. It'll all be over by tomorrow."

Another bang.

Jake left.

The walls were swaying again.

Well. There's gratitude for you.

Stealth was required. And cunning, lots of it. I navigated the landing, braving the piles of dirty dishes and odd sneakers. I descended the stairs, stumbling every now and then.

I opened the living room door.

My eyes scanned the room coldly. The two faces, one streaked with tears, the other so angry. White and red. Red and white.

"Isn't that enough?" I asked. "Jake's crying."

No answer.

Then I noticed something was different.

She was lying on the floor.

Her face was pale, upturned as though waiting for a blessing.

He was slumped in a chair.

A crimson stain spreading before my very eyes.

"Oh." I said.

Then I went back upstairs. Jake's room. His startled face, eyes red, blinking owlishly.

"Jake." I smiled at him tenderly. "The angels came tonight."

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