Daddy Nightmares

I don't want your screams to effect me,
Yet they still do
I'm put in between
She won't speak
You just keep pestering
Putting your hate on me
You won't do a thing for me
While I'm trying my best
No more leaks
But nobody's proud
Nobody knows
How I'm screaming inside
Trying my best
Trying so hard
I'm being the best I can be
You never loved me
Your hate is visible
Your screams and shouts
Your kicks and slaps
They still ring in my ears
They still burn on my skin
Years and years I've been stuck within my nightmare
When will I wake-up?
See the glistening light?
I realize, I'll never get out,
The lights shut off
'cause I'm in my daddy nightmares,
Where I never wake up,
Because it's reality you see,
The daddy I have never cared for me,
Ran away from me,
Can't handle me,
This nightmare is my life,
Daddy nightmares are my reality.