Hello, fellow wielders of the pen. So this is my first attempt at free verse, please do not kill me and my first fic here. I actually did this for class (it is something akin to a piece by Dorianne Laux) and well, I wanted to hear what you guys think of it. Please read and review, constructive criticisms are very much welcome. I know it's horrible but please review. ;D

In Silence

I loved him most
After a long hard day
Deep brown eyes weary and tired
As he walks up the drive
His old faded blue tie loosened, hanging
Limply against his chest, his shirt
Moist with sweat, the faint scent
Of after shave desperately clinging on to him.
He drops his books and settles on the couch,
His Chest rises and falls in rhythmic breathing.
I approach with a glass of cool water,
I offer it to him, settle by his side and lay
My head upon his shoulder, close my eyes and see his day,
I hear his quick footsteps in the hallway, see
The professor scribbling away, taste the quick lunch he had,
The steady buzz of student chatter, smell the afternoon rush hour
And the long walk this way, his hand finds mine and squeezes it.
We listen to the best conversation, the still and quiet silence.