the bottles on the wall tell me
there's ninety-eight to go
apologetic with the most
pathetic story ever told
one day i'll ask you who you loved
and you'll say you tried your best
and smiling big i'll tell you how
i knew you'd never last
you're the summer i almost lived through
you're the heart of december-i was so dead
you're the bottom of every goddamn bottle
and you're the dreams that fill my head
at night while i'm asleep
the curtains close the final scene

and now you know so let it go
don't let it end on this note again
cos ther're only so many chords
that haven't been played yet
take me as i am and take me apart
and every little word i say
every little point i try to convey
all gets forgotten the very next day anyway
chrous x 1
and i'm not sober but i'm alright
in fact, i'm just gagging on all the alright
tonite's the night...oh yes, tonite
and the paper will run another suicide
chorus x 2
and the paper will run another suicide