the years of our lives will go in reverse
and we will be wild like children
the ones who once mocked us will beg us to sing
and we will be silent like victims
some may wonder why we are so vain
and we will be ruthless like schoolgirls
people will come from all over to meet us
and we will be happy like christmas
and i will be crazy like a teenage dream
and you will be exactly like you seem
la de da...
la de da...

we'll dress in our best and drink from tall glasses
and we will be sharp like knives
we'll play silly games to keep ourselves amused
and we will be wicked like thieves
the people we know will be the ones we hate
and we will be cunning like liars
they'll throw themselves at us so hopelessly
and we will be unforgiving like winter
chorus x 1
we'll become restless and our lovers will leave
and we will be heartless like boys
they'll try to fill our heads with morals
and we will be empty like promises
they'll pick apart our instrumentals and criticise our words
and we will be vacant like love-oh yeah
they'll try to warm us up to new possibilities
and we will be cold like heaven
chorus x 2
and we will be...
and we will be...
and i will be crazy
like a teenage dream